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Welcome to this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday.ย The Sentence to Finish This Week Is:

“One of my favorite childhood memories is…”

My mom worked a lot. Even when she was home, she worked a lot. There was one thing I could count on though… a Halloween costume.

See, when it came to Halloween, I tended to be a bit indecisive. I didn’t like the standard costumes because I thought they were cheap and I didn’t want to spend money on a cheap costume. Also a lot of the store bought costumes didn’t fit my body type. This is before every costume was made for girls with boobs and trying to show off of cleavage. Not to say I was trying to show off cleavage but I definitely had a lot of cleavage to show. So I ended up waiting until the last weekend normally before Halloween to decide what I wanted to be.

Thankfully my mother indulged me every year in this process. We would go to the fabric store the weekend before or the night before, pick up the fabric for the costume, and then go home and spend all night sewing it together. We did not own a sewing machine so we had to do it by hand. Thankfully most of my designs are fairly simple I think I was a witch, gypsy, cheerleader (which I had some pieces already).

Ultimately I love these nights because I could get my mother’s attention undivided. My siblings were sleep and it was just me and her for hours on end.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

This is been another edition of Finish the Sentence Friday brought to you by Janine at Confessions of a Mommyhood and some more lovely ladies. Remember, their posts go live on Friday so keep your eyes out for theirs.


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