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This week’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt is…

My best summertime memory this year was…

This summer was… well, if I can describe it in one word would be “transitional”. We took and moved our family from sunny California living in a house to humid Florida living with my SIL in a two-bedroom condo.

Since I don’t have a specific memory, it will be the summer itself. The first time I’ve lived outside of California. I’m born and bred in the Los Angeles region and now I’m in south Florida! I never thought I’d live here, but knew it was what needed to happen when I got pregnant with number 4! My husband’s family lives here and is super supportive. Our children are the only grandchildren for the grandparents and two of the three little people in the family. Everyone is excited to spend time with the little people all over again! We’ve gotten THREE date nights! Yes, I said three in the last month! That is more than we’ve gotten in the last YEAR!

Hmmm, time for a commercial break!

When this came out, I was too young to be scantily clad, now I’m too old… but I can remember the lyrics to the entire song!

Back to the best part of my summer…

Making it safely here. I really have to be grateful that we made it to Florida safely, was warmly greeted by extended family and had a roof over our head without trying to find a place to stay.

Beautiful rain storm this morning!

I love rain and I am appreciating the fact that it rains more here than in California. I still don’t know what to do to my hair though! I’ve kept it braided so far.

Sitting in my SIL’s place, watching the rain storm, I opened the blinds to watch the rain pour down. (Pictures taken after the rain ended to get the best effect.)

Looking at the buildup, I thought I should put the Norwex products to the test! The great outdoors! Weathered exterior door has tons of buildup. She has two sliding doors which are four giant windows like pictured above. I wet my Norwex enviro cloth and went to work. I started with the screen. Up close, it didn’t look so dirty, but then I cleaned it!

I finished cleaning the first window. Here are the results!

I decided to do four doors of this size and shape. The last door looked like this after.



I did not carry around a bucket of water or any chemicals. I also did not rinse my cloths. I decided to keep going into the downstairs bathroom which I noticed had streaks from window cleaner.

And what do the cloths look like after… remember nothing but water, and no water added after I started or rinsing…

And how much time did that all take? From the first picture to the last, the time stamp shows 9:23 to 9:56 for four windows in and out, bathroom mirror, stopping to take pictures (getting my daughter out of the shots), oh and I stopped to clean the fan too! But that’s another post for another day!

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