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I didn’t have much to say today… I normally jump in with Tuesday Topics, but I don’t use my Instagram enough to be able to respond to the prompt of my four faves! And guess what?

It’s okay… that I’m not on every social media platform and super active on each one. I’m a full time mommy and that means something has to give (and it won’t be them!).

It’s okay… that I decided to post pictures of my pregnancy even though I haven’t really done one before.

It’s okay… that I’m not as tidy as my sister in law. I wanted to make excuses that she’s single without children, and I have a family, but you know what, I’m just not her. And that’s okay!

It’s okay… that I can’t do much while I’m sick. With a sore throat and growing belly, I can’t do everything!

It’s okay… that we didn’t get the house that we put in an offer for. It just means that there’s something better out there for us!

It’s okay… that I’ll be plugging Norwex at every turn. Why? Because I love saving money and saving you money too! The more I learn about what the products can do, the more I want to share. Have you ever tried to get sharpie out of carpet with just WATER? Well, we can do it! Want to host a party? Click HERE.


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