If I Had a Magic Wand, the First Thing I’d Do Is… FTSF

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Oh, this is probably the easiest post ever for me. The first thing I’d do is wave the wand 5 minutes before my husband got home (shoot, as he was puling up the driveway) and have the house clean!

This has been a point of contention lately as I am a stay at home mom living in a working woman’s house (my SIL). For some reason, now my cleaning isn’t good enough. I’m sure its because every dish is clean here and not a toy to be found, but that’s also because she has no children. So now, sometimes there are a few toys (we only have blocks, a couple of games and a couple of books not in storage), and a couple od dishes not clean in the rack. In othet words, you can tell children live here.

Now, I’m not in J and his sister’s conversations, so I don’t know if it’s her complaining or him being overzealous to get in front of her complaining. Either way, its annoying as h3ll.

We probably won’t have a true resolution until we get our own place, and since we haven’t found one to out an offer in for, it’ll be a while.

On the other hand, since magic wands don’t exist, I have found a practical solution to a lot of my cleaning problems. It’s


Just kidding… its actually my new affiliate: Norwex! Cut down on costs and chemical usage around your home, yet get it sparkly clean! Check it out for me, would you?

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