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The Pinnacle of this round of Tuesday Topics has led us to the final ONE… Your Lifelong Dream

Another thought provoking topic.

When I was young, I wanted to be a singer… think Beyonce. But my mom told me, that’s a lot of work and you’d probably have to give up school to work that hard. Being 8, and having a love for school, I thought it was impractical to do both.

Soon thereafter, I wanted to be an international corporate lawyer. I wanted to travel the world with my job, being a complete jetsetter… having houses worldwide. I was well on my way to fulfilling this dream.

Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what my dream is anymore.

I had my son during law school and my life just changed. It changed my thought process, my desires my dreams.

I would still like to travel the world, but I can’t do it the same way with now two kids and one on the way.

I would still like to sing, but how can I do it successfully and still raise a family?

In the last few months, I’ve really been trying to DREAM BIG… but I can only dream in practical terms. Of course, that’s an oxymoron – dreams aren’t supposed to be practical. The perfect prince carrying you off into the sunset and kids who clean their rooms, read intently and play quietly and neatly in their rooms until you call them for their meals are children who don’t exist… but we dream.

Hell, I don’t know what my dream is… all I can focus on is my children and my family. I want them to be healthy and happy. But that’s not a lifelong dream for me… that’s my dream for them.

I’m not saying that they are the cause of me not having a dream… I just wish my initial dream had included them.

What is your lifelong dream?

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