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This week’s Tuesday Topics is PERFECT!

I’ve been procrastinating on writing an update on my goals… so this will be a two-for post! Anything that cuts down my work, works for me!

My goals at the beginning of the year were:

My goals for this year are:

1. Cultivate relationships

  • God – Read the bible from cover to cover. I’ve started reading the One Year Bible by YouVersion (user name bellereine… read with me!) I’m on Day 136 – a little behind, but definitely making serious progress!
  • Friends – call and text regularly, try to touch base no less than monthly. I’m a loner, and I really need to change. Still chipping away at this. I’m getting better. 
  • Business – build a business network. I need to build my blog and my brand. Still working on this too. Building a business is about cultivating those relationships. I’m getting better.

2. Lose weight. I’ve lost 25 pounds since January 1! Yay me! Not sure how much I’ll lose before the year is out since, ya know, I’m pregnant and all.

  • Exercise daily. My primary exercise plan will be TurboFire, but I will also be walking regularly. I’ve switched to ChaLEAN Extreme because it makes me less nauseous from being pregnant. Don’t let that deter you from doing it! I saw 8 month pregnant women in her LIVE class! I’m just not used to bouncing exercises anyway.
  • Eat between 1200-1500 calories daily. I will be eating a primarily vegetarian diet for the month of January, switching into a Paleo diet for February. LOL! This was tossed out the window! I’m pregnant (yes, this is getting repetitive), but I am not getting enough calories.
  • Log info with MyFitnessPal (my username is aprilgrant. work out with me!) 🙁 Not even close.

4. Be more organized

  • Clean for an hour daily YES!
  • Post five times a weekSteadily four, so I’m doing alright!
  • Tweet and Facebook dailyYep, I’m there
  • Keep to-do listNot really, I have one, but it’s not being updated regularly.
  • Finish projectsI’ve got tons sitting around the house! Finished cleaning the office! (Finally some pictures, right?)
Office p2
Office After

5. Work with my son

  • Create and maintain a financial plan he’s set some wonderful goals and have managed to hit two of them!
  • Instill the idea of goal settingonly somewhat. He only seems to get it with money, now I have to try to cross it over to other things.
  • Work with his behavioreh, sometimes.
  • Do more activities for lessonsno, not at all.

6. Get out of the house daily. – TOTAL FAIL since school let out two weeks ago.

  • Momtourage
  • Park
  • Walks

7. Trim finances.

  • Pay off student loan debt it’s a stretch to get this done this year, hopefully, we just keep going in the right direction.
  • Pay off credit card debtHalfway done… it’s June, and we’re right on track!
  • Increase savings accountYES!
  • Create emergency accountYES!

8. Write more – not even close!

  • Finish script
  • Finish book
  • Write ebook

9. Read more – not even close!

  • Finish a fun book each month
  • Finish an educational book each month

So, specifically for this month… I want to:

  1. Start selling items online – take pictures, and post to get some sales!
  2. Cultivate business relationships
  3. Do more activities with my son
  4. Write more
  5. Read more
  6. Get out of the house
  7. Structure my time more – which will resolve 4, 5 and 6, so that I’ll take the time out to do that.
  8. Get my daughter to sleep through the night.

Want to join us? Tell me what you want goals you have for this month!


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