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Songs that bring me back… There are SO many. I used to be a singing diva. I would sing every chance I got, loved learning new songs and old ones.

Nice and Slow by USHER

While my girls and I would get ready to go out, we’d put on the Usher cd – and end up playing this song over and over. We would sing to it… learn the “rap” portion (we weren’t rappers by any means) and make up some dance for it. We made up a lot of dances in college for the club, taking up a great amount of space on the dance floor.


Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This was the first song I was exposed to besides in mere passing that wasn’t in the Gospel, jazz, musak, rap or R&B genres. For the most part, I would listen just to the R&B stations, not really anything else. In the school chorus, we had to sing Bohemian Rhapsody for a concert… it’s an extremely challenging song to sing, but tons of fun. Then when it was in Wayne’s World, I felt like I wasn’t a complete outsider.


Any song from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or the Lion King

In junior high and high school, our annual district wide concert was based around (what’s now called) a mash-up of Disney songs. I loved this time of the year, the beauty of Disney songs would appeal to my emotions. I would always end up crying when I was practicing at home for one reason or another. I tried out for the solo every year and never got it because I wasn’t a trained dancer. The leads never sung all that well, but looked good in their size 2/4 pre-made costumes and had taken dance in a studio. I learned then that I would probably never fit what people thought of as a singer… and started concentrating more on academics.


Let’s Chill by Guy

By far, my favorite love song. The song is simple… no ultimatums, no harsh words… just a simple way to say that I love you and I choose you and I hope you choose me too.

We Are the Champions by Queen

Not quite sure why Queen was the author of this song, but it was played often after games and clean-ups. I was on a lot of winning teams in high school. I loved the thrill and the high of winning and loved to push harder if I messed up. In volleyball, I played middle blocker. If you know anything about volleyball, my short 5’6″ stature is pretty small for this role, but I could out jump everyone on the floor, except the one girl who was six foot, who could normally only touch one to two inches above me. Not bad for this vball shorty.

I wish I could say I had a wedding song or something, but my husband and I never had a dancing reception, so we didn’t have a “song”. To date, we don’t have a “song”. Can you get a song after you’ve been together for a decade and married for six years?

What are some of the songs that bring back memories for you?


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