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Pictures of Me and My Beau! #TuesdayTopics

  Wow! 9 pictures! Hmmm… this is a challenging one because between the two of us, we rarely take pictures, and then when we do take pictures, it’s normally one of us taking the pictures of the other. And me and my bestie? We haven’t been in the same room together for years. But I...


It Makes Me SO Happy! #TuesdayTopics

On to another round of Tuesday Topics! This week, we’re back at TEN! Ten things that Make ME happy! TEN My television makes me happy and I’m not ashamed to say it… watching drama on television is SO much better than having it in my life. There are a lot of shows that I find...


The Tail End of My Bucket List

  Getting down to the wire…Only two weeks left. I like this one, but narrowing it down to two was hard. My mind flooded with potential bucket list items. So, I narrowed it down to one fun one and one necessary one…   Traveling Europe with my husband. Getting healthy so that I can be...


A Snapshot of my Bling

    Jewelry… I don’t wear it much. Three Most of my jewelry. I wear necklaces before I wear earrings. I made some of it and bought others. Two Engagement ring… this is number two because I only wear it on special occasions – mainly because I’m rough and I didn’t want to tear up...