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Daily Site Check-in

  Back to simplicity!  4 sites I check every day! Facebook – Twitter – 100lb Countdown – Gmail   I’ll throw in a couple more because I’m sure most people don’t consider Gmail and your own site to qualify! Raising Reagan – Advice Goddess Although I don’t talk politics much, I read a lot of...


Story Untitled: Part I

It was 2007. We waited to get an ultrasound because my husband and I just started new jobs and needed our insurance to kick in to go to the doctor. When I finally did, I was already five months along. We were excited. Because of the pregnancy, we had reassessed our life and our relationship...


How Do You Invite in the Spring Season?

See how I invite in the Spring over on Simply Helping Him for the Help Meet Corner. See my previous features at:Loving Your Body, God’s Way  –  Women in the Bible ~ Influences Don’t forget to check out my lovely sponsors – Raising Reagan, Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic, Pamela’s Heavenly Treats, The Fat Girl...


Childhood Pictures

So, week 5 has arrived. I have been dreading this week’s post more than any other, mainly because I only know of one picture before I was 10 and I don’t look back fondly on my childhood. In the spirit of learning about myself and opening up, I decided to post anyway. I won’t go...


These are a Few of My Favorite Things – #TuesdayTopics

  Today’s Tuesday Topics is Six Favorite Things in your house. I’m going to take it literally where I will only list things – because really my favorite things are the people that are here… One thing about me is that I almost always have the television and for the television to work properly, I...


Tuesday Topics – Things You Do Everyday

Seven Eat. I’m not one that forgets to eat. Wait, that’s not true. Once in high school, I completely forgot to eat for like three days! I don’t know how until I fainted on the volleyball court. Six Clean… because with little children, you can never clean just once a day. Five Read the bible…...