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Today’s Tuesday Topic is 10 Pins. I got into the Pinning rage about a year ago – then I stopped. I don’t really pin much anymore, even though I know there’s so many cool things out there. So, I pulled some things from my boards that I think represent me!

A workout… I don’t do them as often as I need, but it’s always on my mind. Quick and easy – I love it. Working the glutes and the tris.

Source: via Lanaya on Pinterest


Homemade Laundry Detergent is not only easy, but SO worth the effort. Instead of $15 a gallon, think $0.17 a galloon. I’m always looking for ways to cut my bottom line. I do many loads of laundry a week, but I still only go through a bottle of detergent every two months. So, although this will save us money, I’m looking for bigger and better deals for us.

Source: via Foy on Pinterest




If only I could make enough money to live off of this mountain. I love swimming and would love to be able to relax with this view.

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest



Simple, elegant food in bite-sized pieces. Caprese anyone?

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest

I love motivational sayings and this one shook me to the core.


Ever waited forever at a restaurant? Here are some great ideas to play with the kiddos during dinner.

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest



The canals in Venice are beautiful, imagine not walking but riding down the waterways from one place to another. Beautiful!

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest



I don’t like shopping much, but I love finding a good deal. Did you know that you can find out whether Target will drop their prices?

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest




I always like finding ways to make my hair look better. I have very tight curls and need to loosen them sometimes. Here’s a great way to keep them looking great!

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest




Finally, some Saturday night fun. orange shaped jello shots – delish!

Source: via Ms. on Pinterest

Those are my top 10 pins… what are yours?


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