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This week’s Tuesday Topics is ONE GUILTY PLEASURE…

Tuesdays Topics

Where did that term come from? You know, I remember when you just liked something or you didn’t. Now, if it’s a faux pas, it’s a “guilty pleasure”.

The problem with guilty means you shouldn’t do it and you are trying to stop (at least in my mind. My “guilty” pleasure I have no problem continuing and not stopping.

See, my guilty pleasure is the free-est, easiest, non-thinking pleasure. I never have to worry if I get stuck in a precarious situation or wondering whether I have enough cash (or credit) to finish.

My guilty pleasure I can do all day and all night long.

My guilty pleasure is television and LOTS of it!

I can’t say that I watch every episode on my DVR from start to finish. I’m a mom after all!

But, my DVR fills up with complete intention of watching it all, and it stays on while I’m home so that I can “watch” it.

Unfortunately, unless I watch it after 8 p.m., I don’t watch it… I skim it.

And after 8 p.m. most nights, I’m too damn tired to stay up.

When did I become an early sleeper? Oh yeah, when my son wakes up every two hours because he’s sick, and in doing so, wakes up my daughter in the process.

So, I would say I watch a lot of television… my behind widens as I sit, but most of the sitting is getting toys to entertain Ms. B or typing on this blog. I would love to say I did it in the middle of the night, but quite frankly, I’m too tired to do that.

We are also trying to cut back other expenses, taking Financial Peace University classes and all.

FPU leaves us rather broke, voluntarily.Don’t get me wrong, I can take out of budget to go out and do more, but I LOVE seeing our bills drop off so I don’t have to pay it anymore! So, staying indoors is easy! And I can only read so much to Ms. B.

Anywho, my guilty pleasure is watching television, so much so that I blog about at least one show for now – Real Housewives of Atlanta.




One day, I would love to meet NeNe. She’s really catapulted off of RHOA to mainstream success!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

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