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The Austin Family Diary

If you check out my response to the Secret Swap last week, I would have been a lot more positive in saying I Will Never Change My Mind for today’s Tuesday Topics.

Ten Years Ago, I would’ve said:

  1. I’m NEVER having kids.
  2. I will always put my career first.
  3. I will always be there for my family, at least financially.
  4. I would never consider being a stay-at-home mom.
  5. I would never move to the south.
  6. I will never be fat.
  7. I would never consider homeschooling my children – teachers do a great job!
  8. I would never blog about my life online (well, this isn’t quite 10 years old).
  9. I will live so I can pay off my student loan bills ASAP!

Now that I’m a stay at home wife with kids, whose husband’s family lives in the south – my life is just different than I could ever imagine. Although all of those decisions were within my control, I didn’t realize how quickly life can change and when you blink, all the things you thought you never wanted is what you stay awake dreaming of.

I can’t say that there’s anything that won’t change in my future… will I move to the midwest to live on a farm? Who knows, but I’m excited to find out about my future!

Will I have more children (not through birth, but adoption, guardianship, foster care)?

Will I become a workaholic? Will I find that job that I love so much that everything about me is work, and I love every minute, and so does my family?

Will I change my parenting style? Will things that I completely disagree with today, I completely love tomorrow?

Will I relax on my parenting style and just let my children “be”?

Will I become a true homemaker, where my husband comes home every day to a spotless house and dinner literally on the table? (Maybe, but I would assume the kids aren’t living at home anymore)

Who’s to say? Life is about change, and the changes I’ve made, I love, so why not just let myself be?

Oh wait! I just thought of some…

  1. My belief in God
  2. Men and women are different and they should be treated as such, that does not imply one is “better than” others, just different.
  3. I will stay a fiscal conservative. It is not the government’s job to make sure that we all have the same “stuff”.
  4. I will always love my husband, even if one day we aren’t together (cross my fingers this is never the case).
  5. I will always love my children.
  6. My husband will always be the head of my household. That is where God placed him and it is my responsibility to be his help meet.
  7. I will be the best support system for my children that I know how to be… even if I mess up sometimes.
  8. My husband and children will be my utmost priority in my life.

Do you have 10 things that you won’t change your mind on?


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