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I Won’t Change

If you check out my response to the Secret Swap last week, I would have been a lot more positive in saying I Will Never Change My Mind for today’s Tuesday Topics. Ten Years Ago, I would’ve said: I’m NEVER having kids. I will always put my career first. I will always be there for...


Pins – Today, I have 10 of them

Today’s Tuesday Topic is 10 Pins. I got into the Pinning rage about a year ago – then I stopped. I don’t really pin much anymore, even though I know there’s so many cool things out there. So, I pulled some things from my boards that I think represent me! A workout… I don’t do...


One Guilty Pleasure

This week’s Tuesday Topics is ONE GUILTY PLEASURE… Where did that term come from? You know, I remember when you just liked something or you didn’t. Now, if it’s a faux pas, it’s a “guilty pleasure”. The problem with guilty means you shouldn’t do it and you are trying to stop (at least in my mind....