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I wasn’t going to do an elaborate Valentine’s Day post… but then I came across this linkup and it was pretty simple, so here it goes:


1. How did your meet your significant other?

Online, but it wasn’t a dating site. Well, it kinda was, by kinda I mean that most people were looking for hookups. I wasn’t. I was bored and wanted to have some connection with the outside world during law school. It was an earlier version of MySpace – a social networking site called Blackplanet. I had my little page and would get messages regularly. Most were slimy, but my husband noticed that I said that I spoke French, so wrote me a little, sweet post saying something like “I’m just stopping by to say hi. I hope you’re having a wonderful day.” In French. Nothing more. No request to “hookup” or anything. So I responded. We spoke for a full six months before we met… and really never considered it because he lived in Michigan and I lived in California. He was just a nice distraction from school. I’m not sure if he did either. It was just a nice friendship at the time.

My husband ended up getting an internship in Los Angeles where I also had a summer internship. We spent all summer communicating by email and instant messaging that neither of us even thought about the fact that we were so close. I think on his part because he didn’t have a car. The company that he worked for had a program where employees house their interns, so he didn’t need a car. Plus, he lived in Manhattan Beach, very close to the boardwalk.

Story continued in the next answer.


2. What/Where was your first date?

At the time, my husband said it wasn’t a date, it was just dinner, but since we’ve been attached ever since, I consider it our first date. Since I knew my way around the area, I said we should probably get together before he went back to school. Mind you, we’d been about 4 miles apart for 2 months. About a week or so before we left, I went to his place and we walked to the boardwalk for dinner at a very nice casual restaurant. We walked back along the beach and ended up talking for about four hours. So, in short, our first date was also the first time we met face to face.


3. What’s your best relationship advice?

Communication. I’m sure it’s been said before, but I think it should be repeated. You should be able to tell your spouse everything (at least things done during the marriage). If you can’t or don’t  want to, you have to think about why you can’t – I’m talking about money, sex, feelings. If you aren’t married yet, and you can’t openly discuss things with your betrothed, then you might want to reconsider. It can come back to bite you after you get married.


4. What is your most embarrassing moment in front of your SO?

LOL… I didn’t want him to see it, I’m certainly not ready to share it. I guess you’ll have to keep reading to see if I’m willing to share it one day.


5. What most attracts you to your SO?

His demeanor and understanding. Although we are similar in a lot of ways, he is the yang to my ying. He calms me when I get riled up. He almost always knows exactly the right thing to say to make me feel better. But he’s not a yay-sayer. He doesn’t agree to avoid an argument. He’s just calming and most other people will agree.


6. If a movie was made about your SO, what actor/superhero would play their part?

I had to actually look through a listing of actors to see if there was someone that I think would fit. I would say Donald Faison. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, he is sometimes naive to his own successes, and he’s a sweet guy. I’ve seen him interviewed and I think that would be the closest.


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