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Tuesdays Topics

Welcome to Tuesday Topics. I was SO going to skip this one too. I skipped last week because I don’t know if there’s anything worth mentioning that people don’t know about me. And what do you consider “don’t know”. I’ve shared quite a bit on this blog and if you are a regular follower, there’s not much else to tell.

So, on that wonderful note, Tuesday Topic is three stores and I hate shopping. I hate shopping for so many reasons. I don’t like the time it takes to get through a store because everything I need normally is at the other end of the store – ON PURPOSE. It’s all a marketing ploy to get me to pick up more than I have to. Being on a budget and also not being that keen on spending money on myself, it’s a pain. Next, the markup on some of the items are ridiculous. Even though brand names aren’t any better than a lot of other brands out there, those are always in the back and you have to search for them. Finally, I’m broke and really trying to be good, and not having cash nor the ability to spend it anyway, it’s just really frustrating.

But I’ll play…

Even though it’s more expensive than Wal-Mart, sometimes by more than 10%, I feel like I’m a customer and not like I’m a burden on the employees. I can always find someone, they are ALWAYS very helpful, and the stores are clean. I can get in and out quicker, thus also spending less money and time on searching for things because of the organization and cleanliness of the store.

Costco is a great place to buy in bulk and Kirkland brands are noramlly just as good or almost as good as the original. Did you know to be in a Costco store, the product isn’t allowed to have more than a 15% markup? So a product that wholesales at $10, can only be sold at Costco no more than $11.50, where other stores will mark up to 30+%. Did you also know that Kirkland Brand products are always a name brand product, where the store buys extra and puts its label on it? And finally, this isn’t always a good thing though, that Costco can undercut their competitors because once a company agrees to allow Costco to rebrand, they also have the option to copy the product? I don’t particularly like the third, but I also don’t like that the others can markup with huge margins and we just have to suck it up.

I used to work there and had a falling out with their credit department years ago, but I still LOVE their store. Their clearance section is awesome and I can normally find some “irregulars” at a deep discount. An irregular means that there’s a slight imperfection, normally a stitch out of place. I can find great deals, sometimes equal to clothing prices you find at WalMart if you know what you’re doing.

Thank goodness I only have to do three… I wouldn’t know what else to say!

What are your three stores? Join us at Tuesday Topics!

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