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I love these blog hops because they help me open up to you! I missed the first two weeks, and they are currently on EIGHT! So, Eight TV Shows it is!

Tuesdays Topics

8. Elementary

I’m a crime drama-aholic. I really like this new take on Holmes and Watson.

7. Private Practice



Not sure why I started watching this show, considering I never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I faithfully watch it every week.

6. Shark Tank




New ideas are inspiring. I have several that I’m working on, but not ready to reveal. This show keeps it at the forefront of my mind and encourages me to keep going.

5. Grimm

Crime drama meets fairy tales. Makes me feel like I’m a kid again.

4. Person of Interest


Crime drama and technology… need I say more. As our government becomes more invasive in our society, it’s nice to see someone using it for good – even if it is just on television.

3. Scandal



Kerry Washington is awesome as the lead political fixer who had an affair with the President of the United States. The scandals are great, but the dramas are greater!

2. The Good Wife


Female lawyer who becomes a stay at home mom while her husband pursues his career, then transitions successfully back to work life. A girl can dream, right? If you’re new here, I’m a lawyer who chose to become a stay at home who hopes to transition back to corporate life wone day.

 1. Real Housewives!

Real Housewives

I love any and all of them. There drama reminds that I have no use for drama in my life. I can’t help it. I watch all of them!

 Notable mentions: Dexter, Weeds, House of Lies, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Top Chef, Project Runway. I watch way too much television!

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