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Tuesday Topics – Six Memories

Ah, memories. We have so many of them. But which ones should I choose? 1 Р2 Р3 РBirths of my children With D, I went into labor on a follow up appointment and ended up with an emergency c-section because of fetal distress. His heart rate dropped. I hated the anesthesiologist because he...


Tuesday Topics – Seven People You’d Like to Meet

This Tuesday Topics requires some thought. Not because there aren’t some people I’d like to meet, but I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about “hoping” to meet people some day. These are in no particular order. 1. President Barack Obama. Being the first non-white male president is spectacular and I would love to...


Tuesday Topics – Eight TV Shows

I love these blog hops because they help me open up to you! I missed the first two weeks, and they are currently on EIGHT! So, Eight TV Shows it is! 8. Elementary I’m a crime drama-aholic. I really like this new take on Holmes and Watson. 7. Private Practice via   Not sure why...


Pit & Peak Link Up

I thought this was a good link up to join because I don’t share that much about my life. I want to, but I’m a very private person and there are already things here that I’ve never shared with the people closest to me. Some of my life can be eased by sharing, advice, suggestions,...