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Words have power. If you’ve ever been told that you were stupid or ugly, if you have ever been told that you are brilliant and beautiful – those are words that can shape your entire personality. Once you hear them, you can’t unhear them. You can’t forget that someone said those things to you. If the words said to you are negative, you can only hope that there is someone along the way who speaks positivity louder in your life.

In general, people spoke positive words into my life – you’re smart, intelligent, talented, committed. Some words came from someone close to me who’s opinion who really mattered. I was told that I would not be successful in a particular field.

Because this person also positively about a different field, it completely shaped my way of thinking. When someone tells you can do “x” and not “y”, if they are at the right time, place, attitude, person, it will draw you to “x” instead of “y”, even if you don’t like X! It’s easy to fall into line with your supporters when they support only one career path, hobby, etc.

To date, I’m fighting these words. I have to consciously combat these words. They never go away, they always affect me. I will try to fight it, sometimes that voice wins, sometimes it loses, but ultimately, I get to make those choices. I get to choose to succeed in spite of it all.

I choose success in a passion. I choose success in my happiness, not what someone else thinks will be my success. Because I am me.

What power do words have in your life?

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