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Friday, something happened. It’s a common occurrence, probably more common than we’d like to think.

One of our cars broke down.

My husband’s daily drive is about 70 miles each way. My daily drive is about a two-mile circle.

Guess who doesn’t have a car to drive?


But you know what? ***it’s a secret*** I kinda like it. Why might you ask?

  1. My husband leaves before dawn – which means he’s home for dinner.
  2. I’m FORCED to exercise. My son still has to get to school everyday.
  3. I’m FORCED to walk almost three miles a day. My son also has to get home everyday.
  4. Ms. B is “occupied”. She’s seeming to love sitting in the stroller, enjoying the ride. (I tend to think she’s mocking me, as she kicks back in her seat).
  5. I’m FORCED to schedule out my day because I have to leave the house for more than just a couple of minutes at a time and certain things need to be done before I left.

What’s so great about being FORCED? It leaves no room for excuses. It means that I have to do it regardless.

See, I was diligent in working out, then stopped, then started, then stopped. Then once I was determined to start and be committed for real – like for real, for real, I bang my foot so hard that I could barely walk for a week. That was a month ago. I can still feel the pain, but I’m ok with walking through it. I’ve adjusted my walking to not put too much pressure on it.

I started to find excuses to not exercise –

  • Ms. B is playing
  • When Ms. B is sleeping, I have to clean.
  • When Ms. B is sleeping, I have to update my blog/twitter/facebook
  • I have to help Mr. D with homework
  • I have to cook dinner
  • Now everyone is home and watching me

So, now, if nothing else, I walk almost three miles a day.

And I’m actually not looking forward to getting a new car.

What troubles in your life ended up being blessings?


Now it’s your turn!

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