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I grew up doing well in school, but not that into school. I was highly capable, finishing my homework within minutes of receiving the assignment, way before I left the classroom. Although my habits only changed slightly, my passion for learning grew immensely one year – fourth grade.

What was different about this year was my teacher – Mrs. Sanders. She realized that all children were extremely capable, but their skill level in different subjects differed immensely. Therefore you had to teach children differently.

I felt special for the first time in her class. I honestly felt like she heard me for the first time. I felt this way until recently. Almost a year ago, I went a reunion – a fourth grade reunion. Everyone in the class had felt that way! I was amazed at how many of the students felt the EXACT same way as I had. For a class of 22 students, she was able to bring us altogether and foster a love of school in all of us. Most of us are quite successful, many went on to higher education. But most of all, we all looked back at this year as a turning point.

This leads me to working out. Each of us have a style that makes us feel comfortable, some like weights, others running, others still like dance classes or sports. That’s why I’m here – to help find the workout of your dreams to attain your goals. We have over 20 programs to suit your needs. I’m here to offer you help, recommendations, and encouragement to make it to the goal line.

My body remembers my athletic history, so Insanity and I are good friends. TurboFire is popular for people who enjoy high intensity, energetic workouts. P90x is great for toning and contouring your body. But those are just some of best sellers, we have many more.

I would love to help you start your journey and be there to walk (or run) you through it!

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