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I don’t feel welcome. I don’t feel welcome a lot of places. I feel like I push myself into situations where people have to accept me, at least in a limited way.

It probably stems from not feeling welcome at home. After my mother got remarried, my stepfather was a joy until he had his own children. Then I became an extra. I no longer felt that it was my home, but it was their home, their family home, and I was just a visitor. I hated it. I hated being within the confines of the house. I felt like I didn’t belong, it wasn’t meant for me.

Now, I feel the opposite. I have built my home, chosen my husband, birthed my children. My husband has been my saving grace, his love, support and honesty has kept me going. On days that I feel like I shouldn’t be around, I was there.

I remember a time before we married and after an argument or during one, I can’t remember, but I ran away. Not ran away in the teenage sense where I packed up and tried to move out, but I left, for hours on end, without letting him know when I’d return.

When I finally did, he said something to me that I didn’t expect. He said “You can’t run away and expect me to be waiting when I return. If we are going to work, you have to stay here.”

I’ve never run since – at least not physically – and he welcomes me into his arms every night. He is welcoming.

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