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I’m pleased to report that Ms. is back into the 25th percentile! The background story is here. Yay!

At first weekly, now monthly, I go to the doctor just to get her weighed. I need to make sure that she’s a-okay. At one point she was as low as the 5th percentile. I’m happy that she’s still growing and growing big!

Today, she had her first pizza crust. She gummed it down to nothingness.

The only issue that I’m having with Ms. B is that she is so interested in EVERYTHING, she hates going to sleep. Putting her to sleep is a struggle, plus I think she’s teething. What ends up happening is that she needs to be breastfed to go to sleep. So, a tired, irritated baby girl wants to breastfeed. PAINFUL!

She’s 9 months old now. I would love to stop breastfeeding, but at this age, she still needs to eat at night. I will probably wait until she turns one before I stop. Am I crazy?




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