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Week after week, I take a look at Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and I start writing. I have several that I just didn’t finish for one reason or another and since this is a mini-blog-hop type project, I always feel bad about finishing after Friday.  But this week, here is the prompt talking about my FAVORITE season!


Isn’t this picture cool?

10 Things I Love About Autumn!

Ten. Falling Leaves

Nature always amazes me that even though the weather is unnaturally over 100 degrees outside, it knows that leaves are supposed to fall. The leaves are gliding down off of my tries already, while the remaining leaves are turning colors.

Nine. Weather

 I do NOT like summer (unless I’m in a pool) and having no pool at my home, I spend summer patiently awaiting the weather to cool down so I can go outside and keep me and clothing two separate. The weather softens and it doesnt’ feel like it’s attacking me anymore. The wind wraps me in its arms as I walk around the park or take my son to school.

Eight. School Starts

Especially as a new Stay at Home mom, I (and my son) love that he gets to go to the school during the day. I love him, but he’s an expressive and defiant me in a tiny package. I need a break.

Seven. No Reruns.

All of my favorite (and some new) shows come on television in the fall. No more searching for something to watch since my DVR becomes so full, I have to use both just to catch all my shows. And this year, I’ll actually have time to watch them, without waiting for that “free” weekend in which I can just watch it marathon-style.

Six. Warm Drinks

As much as I like iced drinks and especially ice cream, one of my favorites is Sugar & Spice (a fruit wine from the Wine Tailor) warmed. It is SO good.

Five. Winter is Coming

I love snow, which is funny considering that I live in CA and it rarely snows. But I love chilly weather because I can turn on the fireplace, and the family comes together.

Four. Halloween is coming

Yes, I’m Christian, but I love dressing up and partaking of the holiday festivities. I used to be in to the scary, but now, we just get into the fun. My son LOVES superheroes, which I love because who can’t support a superhero?

Three. Thanksgiving is Coming

We don’t do too much. Sometimes we visit my in-laws, sometimes we stay home. But I love the food that we cook for Thanksgiving – Turkey, Greens, Sweet Potato Pie, Yams, Corn on the Cob, Cranberry Sauce… Yummy all around.

Two. Daylight Savings Time

Not only do I love winter, I also love darkness (probably because it’s cooler). I’ll be able to get an extra hour of sleep because Daylight Saving Time is ending. Woohoo! It also means that it’s easier to get the kids to sleep earlier because it’s already dark.

One. Christmas is coming

Pine, gingerbread, eggnog, family, Christmas trees, love, celebration, family… and lets not forget gifts… Christmas is truly the best day of the year. I love watching my son open his presents. I love it especially when it’s cold, lit fireplace, hot chocolate and family time!

I did it! So can you! What Mama Kat prompt do you want to answer?

Mama’s Losin’ It
1.) Describe a smell that brings back memories. (inspired by Darlingist Dr. Momsie )

2.) Tell a story (based on truth or fiction) where someone is playing with fire–literally or metaphorically–and probably shouldn’t be. (inspired by )

3.) Draw, label, and share the layout of your childhood home.

4.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: leaves

5.) Fall is here! List your top 10 favorite things about this Fall season.

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