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Get More Protein with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides #spon

I have received compensation in exchange for my honest review.

Now that I’m more conscientious with my eating, I realized that I wasn’t nearly getting enough protein. For my current weight, I should be getting around 150 grams of protein!

Even the best protein shakes average 20-30 grams. Drinking two a day is less than half of my required intake.

That leaves me with an interesting dilemma, with two unfavorable options:

  • Drink more than two shakes a day, possibly up to four, or
  • Eat 20 grams of protein each of my other 4 meals a day

Which one would you choose?

I opt for neither. So, how do I attain this crazy goal without eating large slabs of meat or fish? read more

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I’m Taking the MegaPledge with @MegaFood! #ad

I have received compensation in exchange for my honest review.

The MegaPledge | MegaFood | AprilNoelle.comAlthough my girls sleep through the night, I don’t. I can get to sleep, but I can’t stay asleep. Needless to say, some days I really drag. I would drink a cup of coffee, mainly because my husband makes it every day. It helps to get me through a few hours, but I crash somewhere around noon. Unfortunately, I may be able to get to 3 p.m., but then my children are home and I’m exhausted.

What has really helped me is the Daily Energy Nutrient Booster Powder. One scoop in my morning shake keeps me awake without the afternoon lull. read more

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I’m Attending #Shiftcon 2018 and You Should Too!

I told you yesterday that I went to ShiftCon in December. As ShiftCon was my first conference, I didn’t know what to expect. I know there would be some networking, some speaking and some seminars. For the first time, I was representing me, no company, no organization, just me.

I will be going to the next conference in 2018 and let me tell you why.

What I loved about Shiftcon

1. Great Food.

OH, MY GOODNESS. We ate SO well. The sponsors were amazing and fed us well! Applegate had the best meats and I completely indulged.

2. I’m “Light Green”. read more

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No Grocery Store, No Problem: Start Your Own Garden

I came across this super cute and relatable video about creating your own garden this week:

Grow Food: Appetite for Change


Back in college, I crashed with my ex in the Jungle, which didn’t have a nearby neighborhood.  Then, I flashed back to #ShiftCon where Ron Finley (of The Ron Finley Project) spoke about planting a garden in his side yard, you know that little strip of land between your fence and the sidewalk and I posted this:

Listening to @RonFinleyHQ #speaktruth about control that big companies have over our lives. We shouldn’t need “organic”. We can grow our on veggies and you don’t need a degree to start a garden. Drop some seeds in soil and let God do the rest. He took a plain unused grass area and turned it into a garden through the Ron Finley Project in Los Angeles. If you don’t have your own space, collaborate with others or reach out to local farmers and get some real food. Go out and #plantsomeshit read more

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4 Must-Haves for Your Home Gym #MakeYourMove With @Kohls! #ad

This post was sponsored by Kohl’s #MakeYourMove campaign to help you start your home gym. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own.

I know I’ve said it over and over again, I am working to get into shape.

This last week, I lost 6.2 pounds! I know I won’t be able to sustain that type of progress (granted, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and working hard), I could certainly use some help. So at the end of last year, I received some fitness equipment from Kohl’s to help me hit this goal. read more

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Never Miss a Day of Vitamins with MegaFood!

Whenever I’m on a new eating plan, I am advised to take a multi-vitamin. This advice falls on deaf ears because I try to take them and I feel sick, no matter how much food I eat. So, when I saw a presentation on MegaFood’s vitamins, I was happy to try them immediately.

MegaFood was a sponsor and speaker at ShiftCon 2016! (ShiftCon was my first blogging conference and boy was it worth the trip! I learned so much and made SO many connections. More to come about the entire experience.)

MegaFood Presentation at ShiftCon

At the lunch, I took Multi for Women before I even ate lunch and I felt nothing. I mean, I didn’t feel nauseous. I felt fine. Then, I tried the Balanced B Complex after lunch and I felt fine again. read more

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My Journey Begins Here with OGX Fenix

**OGX Fenix inspired this journey and discussion. All opinions are my own.**

I’ve been on a weight yo-yo ever since law school… scratch that, ever since college. Unlike most people, I dropped to my lowest weight ever my first year of college, 120 pounds. Unlike most people who struggle to make this weight, I felt sick and weak. Apparently, I just wasn’t eating enough and exercising a ton.

My weight gain has been slow and steady, starting when I worked multiple jobs while in undergrad. I rarely ate, but when I did, I made terrible choices. That scheduled remained until graduation. read more

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Starting Out the New Year with the Right Gear

Thank you PatPat for sponsoring this post. Check out their leggings to get your body in shape this new 

Last year was the first year that I made the goal to lose weight and didn’t accomplish it. Well, it’s the first year that I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t accomplish it.

As always I set a lot of goals, but what struck me most was that when I did feel like working out, my clothes put me back into a fat girl mindset. Big boxy clothes only accentuated the fact that I was not the weight I wanted to be and that I haven’t been putting in the work necessary to change. read more

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Don’t Lose Those Choppers! Tips for Proper Dental Hygiene

I am one of the few people that I know that don’t mind the dentist. I look forward to making my bi-annual appointments to verify that I don’t have a cavity. I’m closing in on 40 and cavity free. Really, I attribute it to when I was a teenager with braces, I brushed my teeth three times a day and flossed constantly. My dentist clearly laid out the tips for proper dental hygiene and I followed them to a “T”. I don’t know if that actually made a difference in the long run, but I like to think so. read more

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Helping My Weight Loss Dreams Become Reality with Ozeri Precision 2 Digital Bathroom Scale Review}

Before we get started, thanks to Kim for writing this review. She’ll be doing a lot more writing as time goes on. The links herein are affiliate links.If you decide to purchase, I will receive some change while you don’t pay anything extra. I appreciate all that you do to keep this blog going. 

Ok, so here’s the truth….

I am fat. Brutal, I know, but I can talk about me that way. No one else can.

Problem: I have decided that I no longer want to be fat. My solution is I am determined to do something about it and I have started working out at my local gym. Next problem: determining starting weight, goal weight, and all checks in between; privately. read more

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How To Choose Your Organic Supermarket

In my seemingly never-ending quest to get healthier (and a little bit skinnier), I’ve been looking how I can change my diet. No matter how much I exercise, the scale changes just slightly. I can exercise all day, but ultimately I know that good health starts with good eating habits.

I recently heard about an organic supermarket called Tunies while hanging out at the park with some friends. We were discussing where we get our foods and since I normally bulk shop or hit up our local grocery store, I wanted to see where everyone else shopped. Several of the women shopped there and it got me wondering – how do health food stores differentiate themselves from the others and get a good reputation? read more

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Do You Need to Eat a Variety in Your Diet to Be Healthy?

You’ve likely heard that eating a wide variety of foods is the healthiest way to eat. In fact, many government food guides have included “food variety” in their recommendations for a healthy diet. If the government says it then it must be true, right?

Not necessarily.

There certainly are benefits to including a variety of foods in your daily or weekly meals, but there are also great reasons why sticking to a few favorites can actually help you eat healthier, lose weight, and get in shape more quickly. read more

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