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I Can Do All Things…

This bible verse has been in my head for the last couple of weeks.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4:13

i can do all things

I’ve been struggling with my confidence, my self-worth, my world around me. I know part of this negative speak is because of the heartbreaking news I found out recently, but I know that’s only worsened my doubts, instead of created them.

I set out a few goals at the beginning of the month: making money, losing weight, and organizing my surroundings.

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Just Five More Minutes

I’ll have to give myself a SMH with this post. I started it last week, and never published it. My mind is feeling warped from sleep deprivation, but I will have to push through.

Life passes so quickly. Friends and family are here one day and gone the next.

Since moving to Florida, the funeral announcements seem endless. Few are surprising, as ages are progressive to say the least. The age of their death assumes a full life, one of fulfilled promises and destinies met.

That’s not always the case.

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My Little Minions

Evidence surrounds us that school is back in session. My son is gone all day, and is considering which athletic teams he would like to join, I’m homeschooling my daughters and more than anything, my mommy friends don’t have children at home to visit. No more pool trips, alone at the beach and visits to the museum are no longer free. Structure-free days are gone and wake up times are earlier.

My little minions and I conquered a lot of our bucket list. Yet, the best part was that we kept busy… no aches of boredom or readiness to go back to school in this house. My son was ready to see his friends, but would’ve been content being home for a few more weeks. I consider that a successful summer. The memories have been set and hopefully will stay favorable in my kiddos mind.

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Watch Me Whip

School started this week and my goal to initiate a schedule fell apart quickly as I attempt to find discount (or used) uniforms for Bunny, attempt to potty train Butterfly and find ways to keep Bee engaged in education.

When I say that this week has flown by, I cannot even believe it’s already Thursday. I’m working on very little sleep finding that my daughters don’t believe that they should have to sleep in their bed. This struggle has been going on all summer, walking them back to their bed several times. Sadly, it seems, that they will sleep better if I allow them to sleep in my bed for about 30 minutes, then return them to their own bed. When taking them immediately back to their bed, they sleep with one eye open trying to catch me before I leave. Leaving isn’t an option since Bunny has school and the crying (through our thin walls and door) will wake him.

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2015 Summer Bucket List {Things to Do with Family in Palm Beach}

Just last week, my husband asked me what I wanted to do this summer. Normally, we schedule one big trip. For most years, it was, well, coming to Florida to visit his parents (one of the many reasons we made this move). With now three children, those cross-country flights were getting costly.

Being a stay at home mother has its advantages, excess money is not one of them. Instead of taking one big trip, I would love to hit as many places this summer as I can. Since the summer can pass by really fast, I’m going to see how many I can blow through.

This will be my “go to” list of things to do with family in Palm Beach County. I would love to post updates on where we end up going! I don’t want this summer to go by too fast and miss a lot of fun.

This list is organized in order by city, then alphabetical. If I missed any place, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email – spiritedlife @ gmail.com.

PBC Pinpoint Kids

Boca Raton Children’s Museum – Boca Raton
Children’s Science Explorium – Boca Raton
Daggerwing Nature Center – Boca Raton
Gumbo Limbo Nature Center – Boca Raton
Sugar Sand Park – Boca Raton
We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym – Boca Raton

Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market – Boynton Beach
The Bee’s Knees Learn & Play – Boynton Beach
Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center – Boynton Beach


Off the Wall – Coconut Creek
Tradewinds Park & Stables – Coconut Creek
Wow Factory Indoor Playground & Family Fun Center – Coconut Creek


Flamingo Gardens Botanical Collection & Wildlife Sanctuary – Davie
Kabooms Amusement and Party Center – Davie
Young At Art Museum – Davie

Splash Adventure Water Park in Quiet Waters Park – Deerfield Beach

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick – Delray Beach
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens – Delray Beach
Sandoway House Nature Center – Delray Beach

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10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

Mother’s Day can a joy because it is the one day of the year that we are recognized just for being one thing – mom. We are shown appreciation in many forms such as brunch, breakfast in bed, flowers, and many more ideas listed on the most recent “What Moms Want” list provided by the company trying to sell you something.

Although there are moms who want gifts that cost money, many also want things that are free (or inexpensive). Here are just a few last minute Mother’s Day ideas that would bring joy to moms everywhere this upcoming Sunday.

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West Palm Beach CrossFit: The Community

I’d like to say that I could lose weight on my own and be the best me all by myself.

In reality, I need help. In reality, I can’t do it alone. In reality, I haven’t been able to do it alone.

After introducing you to Crossfit, talking to you about the price, and what Crossfit is, I’d like to end with the community.

In short, the community is AMAZING.

From young black men to older white women, this place has a lot of diversity. There are super fit people and people who have never worked out. We all do the same workout.

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How the Obsession with CrossFit Workouts Can Benefit You

CrossFit is too expensive huh? A CrossFit membership can be anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars a month.

Yep that much money. Let it sink in.

Having gone to multiple CrossFit gyms, believe me my mind was right there with you.

Where in the heck am I going to get up to $200 a month to go to the gym.

Yet after going this last month, I totally think it’s worth it and let me tell you why.


This post is for people like me.

I’m someone who needs a little push to get going, and loves to workout with friends. This post is also for those who have hired a trainer and not being able to afford a trainer is what’s holding you up.

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Losing Your Beauty with these 10 Behaviors

Almost every day, I’m reminded that growing up does not equal more confidence, calmness or control. I don’t only mean for others, but for myself as well. Often, it takes effort to make small changes to alter my overall attitude.

Sometimes, the small changes are easy. There was a time when my son would ask me for something and I would realize an hour (or more) went by before tending to his needs. One day, he expressed how he didn’t like it when I didn’t pay attention to him. So now, when one of my children ask me for something, I respond, then I actually do it within in the next few minutes. I finish the thought or the sentence, then tend to them.

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Faded Are the Dreams of the Past


Faded are my illusions of balance.
Not faded are the constant needs of my children.

Faded is the idea that happiness is consistent.
Not faded are the pains in my stomach from my children using me as a playground.

Faded is the concept of “me time”.
Not faded is the requirement to give: of myself, my time and my talents.

Faded are the memories of my son, Alexander.
Not faded are the faces of Bunny, Bee and Butterfly who are in my face all of the time.

Faded are my dreams of independence.
Not faded are my dreams of interdependence and growth.

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How to Be Happy. Calm. Focused. #Review #sp

Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions and stories are my own.

Are you often confused about which day it is?

I am. As a stay at home mom, my days often run together ~ Monday through Friday are the same day, with a night time nap in between shifts.

But this last month, things were different… a lot different.

When you feel like you’re in a constant state of losing your mind or being confused about how the area that you just cleaned up is a mess again, you are constantly looking for remedies that will correct the issue. I jumped at the opportunity to review Happy. Calm. Focused.  I was so surprised by its effect, that I can even break down the different parts of the supplement.

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5 Secrets to Changing the World Now

Since the last #1000Speak post, I thought about a time that I was an aggressor.

1000Speak - Voices Are Strong

When I played volleyball, either my junior or senior year, our coach allowed a junior varsity player to play on the varsity team. I’ll be blunt. She sucked. At the varsity level, you have certain expectations of teammates, one of which was being able to serve the ball overhand. She couldn’t. Really, she couldn’t play.

Why was she on varsity? Because she worked her butt off.

But we didn’t understand. Our childlike minds were angry that we had her on our team instead of someone better.

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