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A Glimpse of Hidden Figures

The commercials have been all over the place and I can hardly turn on the television without seeing an ad for this film:

Hidden Figures

I have to admit, I knew little about this story, or should I say stories.

These three women were an integral part of history.

The Women

Hidden Figures | AprilNoelle.comKatherine Johnson – the brains behind getting many men into space, including the flight of the first man in space, John Glenn. Glenn’s confidence in her mathematical ability forced NASA to request Katherine’s verification of the trajectory before his launch. read more

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Sports Bra History Is Short, but the Effects Are Long Lasting

Most women don’t know that the sports bra is a relatively new invention tied to the growth of women’s sports in recent decades. Fortunately, this vital piece of workout gear has become mainstream and plentiful, even branching out into customizable iterations and going high fashion. Let’s take a look at the evolution of the sports bra and what it means to women today.


With the passage of Title IX in 1972, women’s sports began a revolution. The federal ruling dictated that schools had to offer equal athletic opportunities, regardless of the gender of the participants. Throw into the mix the nationwide obsession with jogging, and you had crucible for innovation in women’s athletics. read more

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