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All Mixed Up

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, I haven’t written a personal piece in a while. So many life changes have been happening and I was struggling to figure out how to continue.

Quite frankly, I was trying to figure out whether I would continue this venture, this blog.

I haven’t known what to say here for a long time. I don’t like controversy. Although I love my kids, I don’t particularly like spending a lot of time talking about them.

Then there’s work. I consider myself a “jill of all trades”. I know a little about a lot of things. Enough to make an income with any of them. If I took some time, I could make a substantial income from several of them. read more

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The Step that Will Change Our Marriage

Every year, I make goals.

Every year, I’m successful at some and not so successful with others.

This year is a bit different, letting you into my methods to be successful. One such goal is to have a better marriage. Let me give you a little background.

Growing up, I was not surrounded by happily married couples.

My parents seemed happy on the outside, but on the inside, they were distant. My mother content clicking away on the computer keyboard in her office while my dad, well, he was kinda just there. Even at a young age, I realized they weren’t right for each other. I couldn’t say that there was any fundamental flaw with either one of them, just that the other wasn’t a complement. Their quiet bickering in their room only affirmed my belief and so did their eventual divorce. read more

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Big News: Introducing Modernish Mommas

Last year, I read a lot of blogs. I saw the gambit from complaining about parenthood to wildly inventive (but time-consuming and extensive) DIY projects. I enjoyed reading them all.

What was noticeably absent was the tie between motherhood and work. Up to 19% of mothers are likely to develop postpartum depression and 10% of mothers stay depressed (at some level) thereafter. Studies are still rolling in on why this is the case, but I’d like to throw my guess out there:

We try to be everything to everybody. read more

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A Very Merry Christmas to You

By far, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it: the decorations, the presents, the tree, the colors, and the lights (oh my, the lights). Most of all, I love how this one day seems to soften so many hearts around the world.

Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate Christmas. Some love the tree and elf on a shelf, others spend this time in prayer and reflection of that Christ did for us. Whether you believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior is almost irrelevant in some circles. read more

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Have A Little Faith

I was raised in a church. You know the one… a family run black Pentacostal church.

Oh, the joy… 4 days a week at 3 hours a visit (at a minimum). I realize that in all that time, I never really learned anything about faith, my faith. I learned about religion, tradition, and ceremony.

As I sit here, now in my adulthood, I have finally begun to understand that I NEED to know what I believe in. I have to know who or what to turn to when I need to be pulled through tough times. There is a process to get to that light at the end of the tunnel. read more

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Be Ready for the Opportunity

As we grow up, learn, and work to succeed, we realize there are a lot of things that we could of done differently.

Some would call this regret.

I don’t like regret. In my mind, regret means that you wish you did things differently. For me, the problem with wishing things were different means that the good things that you have now may go away, not just the bad.

Yet, with all of the regrets that we have, how can we minimize them in the future?

In short, you must put yourself in the right position. read more

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What Does Tomorrow Hold? {Free Printable}

I woke up Saturday morning with my to do list running through my head. I often only have weekends to get “me” things done…and every week that list starts with a couple of things and grows to about 20 by the time Saturday rolls around.

This Saturday, I was also invited to an event, one that promised to discuss the mind-body connection, renewal of the mind, and breaking old patterns. All of these things I need as I move forward trying to build my business.

I wake up most days tired, not only from my girls not sleeping through the night, but from my mind racing of all the things I want to do, beyond my regular to do list. read more

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We Are Not Alone ~ Time to Find Your Village

Motherhood Parenthood is hard. I don’t need to tell you that… there are countless articles, hilarious rants and thought-provoking blog posts on the subject. Just as frequently, we hear about mothers, specifically, feeling alone in their struggle, like there’s no one around to help, understand or support.

It’s not supposed to be that way. You can’t win alone.

We were not made alone. There’s the saying… “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Who's In Your Corner read more

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Being Challenged is Inevitable, Being Defeated is Optional

I’ve been in a funk. I’m not sure why. I feel like everyday is on repeat…

Being Challenged isWake up…

Take care of my girls…

Clean house…

Pick up son…

Cook dinner…

Put girls to sleep…

Go to sleep.


Throughout the second half of last year, I lost 30 pounds. I was on such a roll and a high that I vowed that this year I would hit my goal weight once and for all.

I started walking every day (one goal) and eating pretty decently… until the evening. I got two GIANT bags of Boom Chicka Pop popcorn from Costco and I love popcorn… I like to eat a lot of it and it’s really one of the worse things you can eat when you’re trying to lose weight. You can eat a TON and feel like you haven’t eaten a thing. read more

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