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Six Steps to the Perfect Pitch |

6 Steps to the Perfect Pitch

Did you know, the perfect pitch is extremely important? Why? Because people have short attention spans. How many of you are skimming this article now? People do that while listening too! If your 30-60 second pitch is disjointed, incoherent, or fragmented, PEOPLE STOP LISTENING!  If they do listen to the end, do they know who...

Meet the Right People at Networking Events |

Who You SHOULD Meet While Networking

It’s almost five o’clock and you signed up to go to a networking event that starts at six. What you really want to do is to go home, eat and go to sleep or take care of the millions of things elsewhere. But… You promised yourself you’d grow your business. It’s been stagnant for a...

Top Ten List |

The Only Top Ten List You’ll Ever Need

Have you gone to networking event after networking event, followed up with each person, only to NOT receive any business out of the process?  I have. Have you been in the cycle for a while wondering what’s the point of networking?  I’ve done that too. I know I’ve questioned why isn’t this working? Why am...