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Networking isn’t an Event

True networking isn’t an event. It’s a call, a coffee, a drink. Networking is building a relationship with the other person. It’s getting them to trust you and you to trust them.   I get frustrated when I hear people, especially entrepreneurs, say that they don’t get anything out of networking events.  If this is...

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Sometimes It’s Not Your “Why”, It’s Your “What”

Podcast episode at the bottom of this post. This is not a transcript, this is a synopsis. I know you’ve heard it – “FIND YOUR WHY and you can accomplish anything!” I’m not going to say finding your WHY isn’t powerful, it truly is. Your why is your driving force. But… Your why may not...

Future of

The Future of

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on a regular basis here. Probably much longer than I’d like to admit. Honestly, it’s been a long while since I’ve felt like posting. The current version isn’t “me”. I mean, I love my children, but my children don’t make me and in general, unless I’m...



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