6 FREE Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer in West Palm Beach

Happy 4th of July!


Half way through the summer and moms are already ready to send their kids back to school. If you don’t send your children to an all-day summer camp, you can quickly find it’s difficult to keep them occupied and still offer variety, every day, for an entire summer. Last year, I gave you an all-inclusive activity list, but as the cost of camps rise, here are a few things you can do to keep a cap on that budget and still have a great time with your children! Here are six FREE ways to entertain your children this summer.

FREE (and Cheap) Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer

Public Venues

Barracuda Bay

A local water park less than 3 miles from the very expensive Rapids park, Barracuda Bay has a swimming pool, splash area and two large water slides for $3 for Riviera Beach residents and only $4 for everyone else. Please check the website for openings.

For more information, click HERE!


City Programs

The city is bountiful in programs ranging from swim classes and sports classes to an all day sports camp. Check out the following links to see what programs are happening in your city or town.

6 FREE Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer | AprilNoelle.comPeanut Island Park

A easy, FREE trip with the kids, Peanut Island Park is a local park with EVERYTHING! Boat dock, fishing, swimming, camping, fire ring, observation deck, and more!

For more information, click HERE!

Splash Pads

Get out of the hot sun and cool down with these cool and FREE spots!


Private Venues




At just $1 per person, this location is a steal! The kids play with Legos and you help or watch, the children can play all day. They even provide a snack room, so you can bring your own snacks for the kids.

For more information, click HERE!






25 thoughts on “6 FREE Ways to Entertain Your Children this Summer in West Palm Beach”

  1. This sounds like some great ways to entertain kids for the summer. Plus everything is free a great combination.

  2. Jessica Taylor

    Our local theatre offers free summer movies, so we try to do that as often as possible. Splash pads are also a great idea!

  3. how, awesome! thanks for sharing. spend way too many afternoons hanging out in palm beach as I grew up near there.

  4. What a great way to keep the little ones busy during the summer! I know Florida can get pretty hot so the waterpark is a perfect way to cool off.


  5. These places are awesome! Forget kids, I’ll take my bestie any time and check them out, lol! I am kidding, we’ll take the kids too 😉

  6. With some effort, we can find fun and free things to do with the kids this summer. Your helpful guide makes it easier for moms to pick a few places without stressing over it.

  7. We haven’t been to any splash pads yet this summer, but it’s time. We’ve got another week of high temperatures and boredom setting in.

  8. A lot of my family lives in West Palm Beach. I’m visiting Orlando next week and am kind of bummed that I won’t be able to make the trip to WPB to see them. I’ll keep these ideas in mind when I do though.

  9. this island looks great for family. Splash pads is something to me ! i will add in my bucket lisit to visit this ! Hope you had a fun holidays

  10. i like these ideas, its always a great deal sometimes to keep kids entertained but yet they all deserve it, going the extra mile for them is key and a good thing.

  11. These are great tips and good to know if we ever vacation here! Sounds like a perfect place for the family!

  12. Catherine Sargent

    These all sound like great options and you can never go wrong with free. We spend a lot of time at the beach and in the pool over the summer.

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