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Best Bladder Help for Women when You Need it Most #ad

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A year ago, I cheered that I had a bladder of steel. I would listen to friends and family discreetly discuss their incontinence issues and I would have an air of superiority that I did not experience bladder leaks. Then, we threw a party for Bee. Our home parties always include the kids’ favorite: a bounce house. Our fun house provider drops off the house the night before and picks it up the day after. Lucky us! We always get our money’s worth. We jump before and after the party. That’s when mom tries to show off her “skills”. But this time, I got a little more than expected.

A little leak. Just a little.

I quickly jumped out of the bounce house and had a slight costume change. For the first time, I got it. I understood the stories of those friends, who complain they can’t run or jump because of bladder leaks. I found out that it happens more often than I thought and I’m not alone. When I had the opportunity to spread the word about how common bladder leaks are and that the best bladder help is here, I jumped (pun intended). It’s not something to be embarrassed by or a topic to avoid. I ran out to get my first pack of protection. Since Always is my feminine brand line, I had a company that I could already rely on for the personal times. I chose Always Discreet liners for very light protection.

To protect my clothes, and my dignity, I decided to give the liners a try. I was happily impressed that even with the additional absorption, I was not self-conscious about wearing them. As I comfortably put on a liner to work out, jump rope or get into the bouncy house with my children, I am prepared for any bladder leakage. I was confident that I would not soil my clothes. (Man, I sound old-timey.) I knew I could jump and exercise without anyone knowing that I was incontinent.  I was happy to be able to play with my children, no matter the activity with the use of the Always Discreet liners.

Always Discreet product benefits:

  • Absorbency – Always Discreet has RapidDry technology that turns liquid to gel, so that Always Discreet pads can absorb 4X more than Always Ultra period pads of similar size. Always Discreet liners absorb 2X more than the leading menstrual liner.
  • Leak Guard protection – While menstrual pads have wings, Always Discreet pads have full-length Double LeakGuards™ that help stop leaks at the legs where they happen most.
  • Odor Protection – Always Discreet’s OdorLock™ technology helps trap and neutralize the odors specific to urine. That’s something menstrual pads don’t have.
  • Thinness – Always Discreet pads are up to 45% thinner than the leading incontinence brand.
  • Comfort – Always Discreet underwear has a 360 FormFit™ design with a contoured core that hugs your curves for a smooth, comfortable fit, unlike bulky adult diapers.

Always Discreet is a better choice for bladder leaks than period pads.

Did you know 1-in-3 women have bladder leaks? Or that 1-in-2 African American women 18yrs+ experience bladder leaks but only 1-in-9 use incontinence protection? Always Discreet has liners, pads, and bladder leak underwear made specifically for light to heavy bladder leaks that will protect you in a way period pads can’t. With three options to choose from, you can choose the right level of protection for you:

Always Discreet | Best Bladder Help | AprilNoelle.comAlways Discreet Incontinence Liners:

  • Absorbency level: Light bladder leaks
  • Absorb 2x more than the leading period liner
  • RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection

Always Discreet Incontinence Pads:

  • Absorbency level: Moderate to heavy bladder leaks
  • Absorb 4x more than period pads of a similar size
  • RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
  • Double LeakGuards™ barriers
  • 45 percent thinner than the leading incontinence brand

Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear:

  • Absorbency level: Heavy bladder leaks
  • RapidDry™ and OdorLock™ protection
  • Double LeakGuards™ barriers
  • 360 FormFit™ design

Find out more about Urinary Incontinence:

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet. The opinions and text are all mine.

95 thoughts on “Best Bladder Help for Women when You Need it Most #ad”

  1. Style Vicksen

    Thanks for sharing! This can happen to anyone. A sneeze, a laugh, waiting until the last minute to go… any of those things can cause a leak.

  2. Melodi Steinberg

    I hope I have a strong bladder when i get older so I don’t need these but I am glad to know there is protection if I need it!

  3. I think it’s so great that they’re able to provide such great support without their underwear being like adult diapers. These look like you’d never even know a person was wearing them.

  4. Catherine Sargent

    These look like some great options. I have a family member that will be interested in trying these products.

  5. Since leaks are so common, I’m glad it’s easy to find Always Discreet pads and liners. Everyone should be able to go out and be active without worrying about leaks.

  6. This is so great, I love that there are products out there and more are talking about bladder control/leakage. It’s important to keep the discussion open so women are more comfortable talking about to their doctors too!

  7. I was the same way…cheering my bladder of steel, even after i had kids. But then…i jumped on a trampoline with my kids at a friends house and that changed forever! I never thought i would need to use a little help to leaks. I need to check these Always discreet pads out!

  8. Our Family World

    I am happy that there are products to help women with LBL regain their confidence. Although I do not have LBL, I know Always is the best choice for those who need leak protection.

  9. There are certain things you just don’t do after three kids, like ohhh jumping rope. But the trouble is the kids want me to play with them. Glad to know Always is there to help.

  10. Im glad that there are some great options for this, makes it easier to go out and about and not have to worry.

  11. Pam Wattenbarger

    Bladder leakage is so common. It is great that Always has solutions like the Discreet bladder liners.

  12. It is so great that there are options like this and I know that the Always brand has been around for a long time. Thanks for reminding me of their brand and options for women.

  13. I totally needed this information. Being a traveler means I am on the road for long hours and sometimes in desperate need of toilets which are not that easy to spot many a times

  14. Lucky me I don´t need that. But I know how easy it can happen that you “loose a drop” and how embarrassing it is!! Thanks god that there are products to make people more comfortable

  15. My Teen Guide

    Urinary Incontinence used to be something women don’t talk about because of fear of embarrassment. I am so glad we are over those days and now we can speak openly about it. Happy to know that Always is always there to help us regain our confidence.

  16. This is the first time I hear of bladder leaks… I am not a native speaker, but I thought incontinence was a product of weak pelvic floor and it was reduced or even solved by training the perineum muscles.I guess that if your bladder has a real leakage then there’s no other remedy than catching the pee in a pad.

  17. I have never heard of bladder leaks before, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It would make so much sense to use a protection for these leaks.

  18. It’s great to see more people talking openly about these problems. I’ve personally not been in this situation but with kids on the horizon I can only hope that if I ever am I will be able to share my woes without being thought of as odd!

  19. I think this is great for any woman dealing with these issued without having to feel self conscious and worried all the time. I think more women deal with these but are ashamed to admit it.

  20. It’s kind of really hard to find the best pad that suits you depending on the type of your body and the shape. Since I am a larger fit, I have to find the best for me. Hope this Always Discreet is available in my country. Thanks.

  21. Good for you to approach such a taboo subject. Not many women chose to talk about this kind of problems because of shame. It is important to create awareness and tell them that there are solutions. It’s not a shameful illness!

  22. Thank you for bringing to light an issue that many women don’t talk to each other about. This is a great resource!

  23. I’m unable to relate to the problem as of now but I’m sure that many women can. And it’s comforting to know that there’s a solution to this problem. Thank you for sharing and creating awareness among women.

  24. I have a friend who sufferes from this same thing! It’s so nice to know there’s a little helper so she doesn’t have to be embarrased or always worried. Passing your post along to her! x

  25. Always are a brand so many women all over the world know and already love so it’s great they have branched out in to these products too. Without wanting to tempt fate I haven’t experienced this problem but it’s good to know there are products like this for if / when I do.

  26. I am glad that Always is coming up with a product for incontinence. I have always (no pun intended!) used this brand and I believe in their line of products. Thanks for sharing!

  27. These sound very helpful! I think it is always surprising how many women suffer from leakage and don’t talk about it. It is so important to open about it so great products likes this can help women get back to a normal life.

  28. These do sound very helpful for woman whose bladder might be a little weak. I have done Kegels since my first child and have it seems a very strong bladder.

  29. This can happen to anyone.I hope I have a strong bladder when I get older so I don’t need these, but I’m glad to know about this! Thanks for sharing this.

  30. I had no idea that bladder leaks were so common but I think that is really great that you are creating an honest and open conversation centered around it. You should feel very proud.

  31. It’s remarkable how many people out there have issues with leakage. I’m glad that there is more awareness about it and ways to manage it.

  32. I have a friend who suffers from this too. I always feel so bad for her because it’s an ongoing nuisance. Thank-you for writing about it and keeping the conversation going. That way other people know they’re not the only ones. x

  33. I know some who have to deal with this and I know that it’s stressful at times for them. I think it’s awesome that you’re talking about it and it will certainly help many to read this.

  34. Since having my daughter I can relate to this post. I used to buy Always products for my monthly needs but recently switched to another brand because I couldn’t afford them anymore.

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