Prep for St. Patrick’s Day with Turn It Up Tuesday!

Can you believe it’s almost March? Two months down for the count already. I’m NOT ready for Spring Break and it’s less than two weeks away! We have a bunch of plans already!

What about you? Do you have plans for Spring Break already?

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Here are the Featured posts from the last party!

Silvie chose 24 Things Under $15 for St. Patrick’s Day Gift Baskets from Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller. “I really enjoyed this post. It gave me tons of ideas for the gift bags I make for my boys.”

Silvie also chose Tasty Tuesday Link Up 6…A Valentine Treat! from The Blended Blog. “These look adorable! I really liked how easy the recipe was to follow and they came out amazing!”

Stacey Irish Soda Bread Recipes chose from “I have always wanted to make Irish Soda Bread…and this recipe looks quick and simple. Maybe I will for St. Patrick’s day! Thanks so much for sharing!”

Stacey chose 15+ Ways To Keep Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables Fresh Longer from Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller. “I really love this. I try to keep my grocery shopping to a minimum, during the month and always try to help mine last as long as possible. Thank you for sharing!”

Reuven & Aliyah chose How to Easily Remove Price Stickers from Simply {Darr}ling. “This is a great tip and so simple. Too much time is wasted scraping away at stickers and residue.”

Reuven & Aliyah To the Man Who Calls My IVF Children Illegitimate chose from The Mom Gene. “Why would someone want to interfere with your blessing of three children? There is no suspicion of any sort of impropriety. God bless you and your family.”

Tiffany chose Song for Every Stage of Love from Sunshine and Elephants. “Music is one of my favorite ways to express myself and my love so this list from Sunshine and Elephants is perfect!”

Tiffany chose Finding the Elusive Mom Friend from Do What You Love, Mama. “It’s amazing how finding a true friend can be such a challenge – especially a mom friend. I love this post from Do What You Love, Mama that encourages us all to step out and do it.”

Natasha chose Blogging Questions to Ask Yourself when Starting or Revamping a Blog: Basics from Do What You Love, Mama. “These are some great tips for bloggers looking to start or change their blog. I have rebranded my blog a few times, and it is definitely helpful to have these tips on hand. Thanks for sharing!”

Natasha chose No is Not Another Word for Yes from Daily Dump. “I’m sure every parent has gone through this at some point as a parent – your child asks you for something and you say ‘No’, to which you quickly get a reply of ‘Why?’ There are numerous reasons why we say no, and this post definitely addresses a number of them. Thanks for sharing this great post!”

The post with the most views is Update Old Blog Posts to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Pineapple and Main.

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Blogging Questions to Ask Yourself when Starting or Revamping a Blog: Basics from Do What You Love, Mama

24 Things Under $15 for St. Patrick’s Day Gift Baskets from Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller

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  1. Crikey you’ve got some great linky going on – and what a great idea. I’ve just launched my SnappedUp linky on shopping – they’re great aren’t they?!

  2. Talya says:

    Oh my goodness those cherry cookies. They look so lovely and tasty!

  3. Anne says:

    What a fab linky, I’ll put it on my list

  4. Well I love cheesecake so those tasty treats are definitely up my street and what a good linky xx

  5. robin Rue says:

    It looks like there is a lot of great stuff linked up here. Can’t wait to check it all out.

  6. Robin says:

    WOW this is a lot to link! I had never heard of this before, super cool to introduce people to new bloggers…. great job!

  7. Vanessa says:

    There are so many great pins in this link party! I’ll have to remember to join in on the link party some other Tuesday!

  8. I am stoked to read so many of these amazing posts. It’ll take me a while to get through all of them!

  9. This is an awesome way to spread some link love around with other bloggers. I’m always interested in the way other bloggers unite and provide us all with a better experience.

  10. Sondra Barker says:

    Turn up Tuesday is such a cute idea! I love it so many great links, thank you for sharing.

  11. Krysten says:

    I cannot believe it’s March already, I feel like it was just Christmas last week. I love link ups, yours seems like so much fun!

  12. stacey says:

    The year is going by so fast. I can’t believe it either. I want to participate in your link up next time.

  13. Sophie says:

    Wow what a great link up – will check the others out!

  14. katriza says:

    Awesome link-up party! I need to get my blog post published and add it here! Great list! I have to try a few of these!

  15. Kat says:

    I also can’t believe it’s a March already! I’m looking forward to Spring- it’s my favourite season:) Great idea with showing all these great posts:)

  16. Those cheesecakes look amazing! I love Turn up Tuesday!

  17. This looks like such a popular link up. Some great posts

  18. Kara says:

    I still cannot believe it is March. Wish we celebrated st george’s day like the world seems to celebrate st patrick’s day

  19. Samantha says:

    What great ideas! Something for everyone!

  20. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s a lot of awesome ideas for St. Patrick’s Day! I’m definitely getting some ideas here, it will make life easier for me.

  21. I’m definitely excited for this day! Thanks for all the cool ideas. Those cheesecakes look delightful. I’m keeping the recipe!

  22. What an adorable idea. Love it. Thanks for sharing!!

  23. Thi says:

    I’ve never seen this before ! What a great idea to reach a larger audience ! Gotta definitely look into this more ! Thank you for sharing xoxo

  24. Natalia says:

    this is a great idea! I love the DIY posts you shared πŸ™‚

  25. This is such a great linky! I’m going to check it out.

  26. A great linky! Looking forward to having a good old nose through πŸ™‚ x

  27. Whoah! There’s a ton of great links shared. The cheesecake really caught my eye. Looks like I have a boat load of ideas on my hand!!

  28. So many amazing links and not enough time in the day! This is a great idea though!

  29. Michelle Murray says:

    This year is flying by!! I love those cherry cheesecakes

  30. That’s a really awesome collection of blog posts. I’m going to be here a while reading these, starting with those cheesecakes πŸ™‚

  31. That’s a great link up! And March already… omg! Time flies!

  32. Katja says:

    I’m loving turn up Tuesdays! I can’t believe it’s March either. Where is my life going?
    Katja xxx

  33. Jeanine says:

    What a really great link up! I will have to check out all of these, they sound fabulous! Also, March kind of just snuck up on us didnt it!?

  34. Joely Smith says:

    Wow this is just the mother load of great articles! Thanks for such a cool link up! No I can not believe it is March already! Where is the time going?? Happy St. Patrick’s day, and every day this month.

  35. chei says:

    Oh these cherry cookies looks so yummy! Such a great article.

  36. Ruth I. says:

    Oh my! THose are really good ideas! I really like it and can use it on the coming event!

  37. Okay so I am completely loving this site -what a fantastic idea!! Would love to link up!

  38. Amber Myers says:

    I look forward to checking out some of these posts. They look awesome!

  39. Hannah Marie says:

    Wow. It’s a great idea to link up with some bloggers. We had a chance to look up to their work too πŸ™‚

  40. We’re going to have a staycation on spring break and check out some of our favorite state parks. This is such a great link up, I need to check them all out.

  41. MaryAnne says:

    It sound interesting, for all taste! great variety of post to choose from! cool

  42. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh! Those Cherry Cheesecakes look so divine!! I have never even thought of making a gift basket for St. Patrick’s Day. What a marvelous idea!

  43. Azlin Bloor says:

    A great collection once again! I’m not surprised with the what that was most viewed! I’ve got it open in a new tab now, ready to read!

  44. Athena says:

    That is an incredible link up. We absolutely love St Patrick’s Day. I did Irish Step Dancing for years – hard not to love this particular holiday.

  45. Julie says:

    The cherry & cookie cheesecake looks so good! The hack to remove the price stickers is pretty cool. I normally use vinegar but her hack seems more of a nice scent friendly.

  46. amer says:

    Excellent ideas! Thank you! I have 4 St. Patty’s parties to go to, at least I have an idea now of what to bring.

  47. Ashley says:

    We’ve started eating a lot more fruits and veggies. I love the post about making your product last longer.

  48. mhaan a says:

    Those cheesecakes looks tasty and delicious!

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