You Need These Top 10 Finds from #ShiftCon

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In December, I went to my first blogging conference. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I was going to navigate it. Really, I was scared of the commitment and whether I was going to take this blogging thing seriously. I volunteered for Shiftcon early on 2016 to make sure I couldn’t find a reason not to go.

Top 10 Finds from Shiftcon

ShiftCon is an eco-wellness influencer conference focusing on food, wellness, health, sustainability, and platform growth. If you didn’t know, I started blogging because I was a Beachbody rep. Now, several years later, I’m no longer a rep, but I’m still blogging. So I thought ShiftCon would be a great fit for me.
I’ll go over all of the reasons why I loved ShiftCon tomorrow, but today, I’m going to tell you about all of the wonderful goodies I received as an attendee.

10. Chili Lime Cherries by Stoneridge Orchards

Top 10 Finds at ShiftCon | A deliciously sweet, tart and spicy snack, the best things in life. These no fat, all-natural Montmorency Cherries are seasons with Tajin, which is just divine to suit a variety of taste buds.

9. Hemp Heart Bites by Manitoba Harvest

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. The squares looked dry. But once I tasted them, I had to double check the serving size to make sure I didn’t eat the whole bag in one sitting. With 10 grams of Omega 3&6 and 10 grams of protein per serving, These satisfy my sweet tooth AND my daily protein requirement.

8. Goddess Garden Sunscreen Stick

At #ShiftCon we learned so much about the benefits of utilizing sunscreen, including how increasing the SPF doesn’t necessarily mean better for you. The added protection (and often the white residue) is because of unnecessary and unnatural additives. That’s not what I want, especially since I live in a state where the sun shines most of the time.

7. Monkfruit Sweetener by Lakanto

The sweetener wars are intense, but I have found one that tops all others. Monkfruit Sweetener is a little sweeter than sugar, but has ZERO additives, ZERO Glycemic value, ZERO aftertaste and is a 1:1 sugar replacement. Use in place of sugar everywhere without spiking your insulin.

6. Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

Molly’s mom, the owner of Molly’s Suds, and I had a great conversation which quickly drifted into fabric softener. I stopped using fabric softener last year and it was a great decision for my clothes! They are no longer dingy and I use a lot less bleach. Most store-bought fabric softeners actually coat your clothes in a very thin layer of plastic, which makes them harder to wash and repellent to bleach. Once I had washed my clothes a few times, there was a noticeable difference in the softness and the amount of bleach that I used. After learning so much, I have to say, the Laundry Powder works just as well as my other detergent, without harsh chemicals and all-natural ingredients.

5. Coffee Cacao Power Snacks by Navitas

Need an afternoon pick-me-up and a snack? This superfood combination gives you a great bang for your caloric buck. Try it out and see for yourself.

4. Beauty Counter Products

Quality all-natural bath and body products kinda speak for themselves. Great products, great results.

3. Relax & Restore Whole Food Magnesium by Garden of Life

I have a personal issue with my gastro intestinal tract. It’s completely inconsistent, but this product has helped me maintain regularity and helps me to rest at night. Getting this two for one package is really a delight.

2. Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins

Can I say amazing? Have you ever considered being able to add protein to any drink without thinking about it being hot or cold, chocolatey or fruit, sweet or savory? That’s what these protein peptides do for you. You can drop a scoop full of flavorless crystals into any drink and hit your protein target without the requirement to “drink a shake”. Love it!

1. MegaFood Vitamins

Not one just one vitamin, everyone I tried so far is amazing and feels good in my tummy. I wrote more about it last week here.
There are truly SO many more great goodies that we received that I just can’t talk about them all. To find out more about these companies, head over to ShiftCon Media.

35 comments on “You Need These Top 10 Finds from #ShiftCon”

  1. I didn’t know something like Shiftcon existed. Glad I read your post.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like a great event with loads of fab new things! Yay for once being a Beachbody rep – I’m a P90X3 girl, me. Once I’m done the school run this morning it’s Decelerator for me today! 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    Love the sound of the Chilli Cherries – very original. Some great finds here – looks like a great conference with loads of new ideas!

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love blogger conferences because you get to learn about and try new products! These all sound great.

  5. CourtneyLynne says:

    I love hemp hearts!!!! I always have those in my Kitchen at all times

  6. Anne Yedlin says:

    Sounds like an interesting and fun place to go. Love hemp Hearts and I really like the fact that the Beauty counter products are all natural!

  7. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Some of these products I have never heard of. I need to check it out. I love learning about new things.

  8. Rosey says:

    I’d like to try the sunscreen stick. The lotion gets so messy!

  9. I think at some point I’d love to try all of these suggestions. I’d definitely start with the Coffee Cacao Power Snacks.

  10. Robin says:

    I think it’s amazing the rise of the blogging industry, and I learn something new every single day. So many knowledgeable people working away in so many areas. I had never even heard of ShiftCon until now! xoxo Robin

  11. Rose says:

    I have never tried the hemp hearts despite how much I have heard about them. I would like to try the cherries.

  12. Krysten says:

    I have never heard of ShiftCon! It sounds like a really great place to learn more about you wellness and body. I wish there was something like that around where I live. I’m going to have to check out a few of these brands and learn more about them!

  13. Thanks for researching and sharing these products. I need the vitamins!!

  14. Anosa says:

    Never heard nor knew anything about Shiftcoin. It’s nice i came over your blog and it gives me an idea about this. Thanks for that!

  15. Looks like you got some great products to add to your life! Glad you had such a good time at ShiftCon.

  16. You got me at chili-lime cherries. I can’t wait to hop on over to there and grab some. Thanks for the information.

  17. I’ve never heard of Shiftcon until now. I’ll be excited for their beauty products. Attending conference sounds like a fun place to learn and see new things.

  18. I like the Hemp Heart Bites by Manitoba Harvest, they are great. It sounds like the other stuff is worth trying as well like the chilli lime cherries.

  19. Angela Key Milnes says:

    What a good post, Glad that you share this post with us, Absolutely sounds like a good products

  20. Stef says:

    I have not heard of alot of these products. What a great place to go to learn more about prproducts out there.

  21. I’ve tried some things from Navitas and they were so good. I’ve been thinking about the Hemp Heart bites, but always seem to hesitate because I wasn’t sure if I would like them. Will definitely grab some next time I see them.

  22. Anita Anderson says:

    I have not heard about shiftcon before. However, it sounds like a fun event to attend and you enjoyed yourself.

  23. I have never heard of shiftcon, but I have got to check it out. I love products that promote eco-wellness, and it looks there are some amazing products.

  24. Kelly Reci says:

    very interesting to try the hemp hearts. i think of it as my daily buddy during exercise lol

  25. Ana John says:

    These are really some best picks here! Looking forward to use the natural beauty products!

  26. Kaitlyn says:

    Love this! I think it is great that you explained what it is and how you found it. I love number three because I have the same issue. I should really try it!


  27. Holly says:

    I just got back from my first conference. I know what you mean about deciding to take it seriously as a real job. It really is a big decision isn’t it?

  28. Shiftcon is a great conference! How i wish we have the same in my country.

  29. I am such a HUUUUGE fan of Goddess Garden! I have their full line of facial cleansers, oils, and firming eye cream. It’s all I use now!

  30. Anna nuttall says:

    I never heard of this before. Like to try out the hemp hearts. xx

  31. My sister sells Beauty Counter products and she swears by them. I have not had a chance to try them yet because they are on the pricey side.

  32. Our Family World says:

    WOw, plenty of goodies, sounds like a good event. I haven’t heard about shiftcon, I am curious now.

  33. mhaan a says:

    I’m interested in all-natural beauty products, what brand is that? Sounds like you really had fun during the conference.

  34. mira pstr says:

    I never heard about this ShiftCon before, I learned something today, Thank You for sharing 🙂

  35. Eazynazy says:

    shiftcon?? am hearing this for the first time.gald i read your post. thanx for sharing 🙂

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