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Our Lost Ones

2016 ended with a bang ~ and not a good one.

This world lost a host of widely known celebrities that have shaped our lives –

  • Carrie Fisher, a champion for female empowerment
  • George Michael and Prince shaping many memories
  • Big Ang, who brought us some great entertainment on Mob Wives

just to name a few off the top of my head. But so many more recognizable people died as well.

Our Lost Ones | AprilNoelle.comThat doesn’t include the people who passed who touched us personally. Just in the last week, I’ve had a friend lose her brother and my “Big Sis” died.

Lori Anne was a mentor, a confident, a leader. As sad as I am that I’ve lost her, I can’t help but think about how many lives she touched.

She’s the one that introduced me to the National Coalition of 100 Black Women in Orange County, an organization with which I still volunteer today. She was the biggest cheerleader of me becoming a stay at home mom, always making me feel better about my decision when so many people asked me “why I am wasting my law degree”.

More importantly, after posting this on Facebook, the sheer number of people who reached out, not just to comfort me, but because she had touched their lives too.

She showed me how to be strong against adversity and how to be grateful for the life I’ve been given.

I spoke with her just last week, and although there were some issues, she was positive, enlightening and always left me with words of wisdom.

Even in her death, all I can think about is how she was happy until the end, at least that’s what she told to the world and how she sounded on the phone. She told me that she had to put her health in God’s and doctors’ hands and her only responsibility was to live her life the best way she could.

So, to her I say, Rest In Peace “Big Sis”.

To everyone else, are you living your life the best way that you can?


10 thoughts on “Our Lost Ones”

  1. I’m so sorry about your loss – she was beautiful. My one word of the year is about living life the best way I can. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I really try to remember to live in the moment and always see the positive side of everything…because its always there. Thank you for sharing this <3

  3. When people make such a big impact on our lives it makes it hurt a lot more when they are gone. I was among those that lost family last year and with everything going on in the media and the other celebrity losses it made it even more painful as others were feeling loss and grief and it served as a reminder. She sounds like a wonderful woman, sorry for your loss xx

  4. It’s so sad when we lose someone we love or a dear friend. When I lost one of my good friends last year I kept reminding myself that she wouldn’t want me to be sad. I could hear her saying ‘oh dear girl stop it!’ You should take comfort in the fact your friend would want you to be happy xxx

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