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A Mom’s Guide to Minecraft with Turn It Tuesday!

I just listed my best posts of 2016 and now Turn it Up Tuesday is asking that you do the same. Drop your most popular links below so that can share it to our followers!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new week of Turn It Up Tuesday…and the first week in 2017! We hope that you rang in the New Year with friends and family, and looking forward to much love, happiness and success in 2017!

To celebrate the New Year, we’d like to continue celebrating by having you share some of your best posts in 2016! Share those posts nearest and dearest to you, the best family-oriented posts of the year, the best DIY crafts that you’ve done this year, your New Year resolutions for 2017 (and how you achieved your 2016 resolutions), and everything in-between!

Thank you so much for stopping by last week and sharing all of your posts – we had so much fun checking them all out!

We’d like to thank you in advance for partying with us and sharing all of your amazing posts with us – we LOVE checking them all out! If you’ve been here before, thank you for coming back! And if you’re new here…welcome! Feel free to share, share, share! We love having you!

TUT newTurn It Up Tuesdays is all about being happy, excited, energetic…and having fun! Link up all of your favorite posts (old or new) and meet some awesome bloggers in return! Link up your funny stories, DIY posts, recipes, mommy moments — anything at all. We want to laugh, be entertained, be inspired, and have a good time! Thanks so much to everyone that joins us each week and makes this link party the best that it could be!

Welcome the lovely ladies of Turn It Up Tuesday!


(from the top – left to right)

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures | Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings | April from April Noelle | Tina from The Happy Creations | Tiffany from The Mrs Tee| Kelly from Making-More | Silvie from My Silly Little Gang | Mari from Living in Mommywood | Tenns from Bliss & Faith | Kimberly from Being a Wordsmith | Ginger from Does Your Sister Have Normal Hair | Bev from Eclectic Red Barn | Abiola from The Ramblings of a Momaholic | Melissa from The Healthy Living Mama

…and welcome our guest hosts for December!


Jessica from Organic Deal Diva | Reuven & Aliyah from Marriage Reset

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Here are the Featured posts from last week!

Mari chose Red Velvet Winter Cake from Howling at the Moon. “Red Velvet is my best friend lol.”

Mari chose Cherry Cheese Danish Braid from Reviews, Chews, and How-Tos. “And having food still on my mind I choose this other sweet treat by Lynda.”

Reuven & Aliyah chose A Mom’s Guide to Minecraft – Join in the Fun! from our very own Tiffany from TheMrsTee.com. “This post gave some nice definitions needed to understand a wonderful & creative game that kids can play for hours (and that parents will want to play, too)!”

Reuven & Aliyah chose When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Go As Planned from our very own Melissa from The Healthy Living Mama. “It’s very important for mothers to hear that not everything goes smoothly according to plan. Another extremely important lesson is not to listen to all advice givers. Even though they may mean well, their words may come across as mean and may not take your reality into consideration. This is a very useful and helpful post. Wish my wife and I had read this when we had breastfeeding difficulties with our first son.”

Natasha also chose this post. “I had a lot of difficulties with breastfeeding my son, and I felt so disappointed. It didn’t help that many people told me that it was my fault why it wasn’t working and that I had to work harder at it. I realized over time and through talking to loved ones, that everything doesn’t go as planned sometimes. In the end, I had to make the decision to supplement breastfeeding with formula. These are definitely some great tips for other moms that be going through the same! Thanks for sharing!”

Natasha Save $10 a month – Right Now! Buy your own Cable modem from My Family on a Budget. “Thanks for sharing! When I had cable, I also bought my own modem, and the savings were worth it. Great informative post!”

The post with the most views is Black Bean Quinoa Casserole from Courtney’s Cookbook.

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Epic Mommy Adventures

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24 thoughts on “A Mom’s Guide to Minecraft with Turn It Tuesday!”

  1. Winter cake decorating looked really smart & glad to see someone writing about buying vs leasing a cable modem for their home … as too few people know to do this.

  2. These all sound so amazing! I am loving that red velvet cake! It looks so decadent. I think it’s nice to learn more about minecraft since my daughters are playing it.

  3. I swear every kid I know over the age of 5 is mine craft obsessed!!! I’m sure my daughter will be too when she’s a tad bit older

  4. Everything just looks so delightful! I think it’s awesome to learn about minecraft! It’s quite addicting.

  5. Wow thats a lot of things in one post! Wish I had read the post about breastfeeding before I had my son! It did not go well for me at all lol that red velvet cake looks so pretty

  6. My kids totally love Minecraft. I really don’t mind the game at all because it challenges them creatively. I love to see what they are able to come up with.

  7. That red velvet winter cake looks amazing I am so going to have to try to make this myself – I love the fact you have guest posts as it spices blogs up I think – My kids are huge Minecraft fans but I have not a clue how to play it

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