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Filling My Heart with the Gift of Christmas Dinner

This morning, I spent several hours with one of my favorite non-profit organizations, National Coalition of 100 Black Women – West Palm Beach Chapter. We celebrated our annual gift of Christmas dinner, where we, as members, pour into three families and give them a prepared meal, followed by gifts for the whole family.

The Gift of Christmas Dinner

We chose the families in a couple of ways: collaborating with other organizations that aid single mothers or personal recommendations from members. This year, we opted to have the members make suggestions for the recipients.

Each year, I find the event inspiring and fulfilling. These families come in, not sure what to expect, we love on them, talk to them and just have a good time with good food. After everyone stuffs themselves, we then hand each family member gifts. Each member is tasked to shop for one member of a family. Depending on the size of the family, it may be one NCBW member to one family member, but this year, the families were a little smaller, and each family member received gifts from up to four NCBW members.

Last year, every single child ended up going home with a bicycle. Since we also provided transportation, this was a creative task in packing to get them back home.

This Year

Fulfilling My Heart with the Gift of Christmas Dinner | AprilNoelle.comOur families this year were the best yet. The first family wasn’t able to stay because of prior obligations. They came in just to get their gifts.

I have a feeling that they weren’t expecting much. They all shuttled in quickly. To accommodate, we had someone prepared to hand them their gifts upon their arrival.


The mother’s face told a story. You could immediately see that our gesture touched her heart. Hesitantly and excitedly, she gave a speech of feeling forgotten and how she was happy that someone had taken time out to think of her. She ended in tears as she had left with her family.

The other two families’ speeches were just as touching. An NCBW member met a woman traveling with her children at a bus stop, befriended her, and now here she was with a tearful face. Honestly, if she had lengthened her speech, I would’ve been a ball of tears. Thankfully, she kept it relatively short, only a few tears escaped.

This was not my only act of service this season, I also participated in an angel tree donation and a single mother gift card donation.

Although I am happily married with a strong marriage, I know that life is fragile. At any moment, I could lose my spouse or worse. I don’t know the full stories of these women and I’m not even sure I want to know. This is the season to look beyond the problems and look to see what good you can do.

15 thoughts on “Filling My Heart with the Gift of Christmas Dinner”

  1. What a beautiful cause to work for! I’m so glad that there are organizations that think of people in need and try to give the best Christmas possible.

  2. I love the message at the end. We all focus too much on our lives that we forget that others are going through something tougher. It’s good to try and help each other out. It’s the season of giving after all.

  3. Tis the season to be giving! I love giving back this time of year when I am able. I know no matter how bad things can be for me, someone else somewhere has it far worse. <3

  4. Giving back is really important; selfless service is what we need for the world. An Indian master Guru Nanak Dev originated the idea of free meal and common kitchen/canteen Known as “Langar”. However, things turned into the religious point of view, but the system is still running. This is about donating money (any amount within your budget) for langar and eating together in a common place. This serves two purposes; all people get food and it likewise ends discrimination. Regardless of your financial status, no matter how much poor or rich you are, you all are eating the same food. Well, this is one of the ways to support the humanity as well as to help each other.

  5. What a beautiful thing to do Noelle. Amazing. I personally dont share what I do for charity or in Giving, following the saying that The left hand should not know what the right hand is giving. Yet I LOVE reading such stories, warm my heart!

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