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Put Me in the Story | Personalized Story Books | AprilNoelle.com

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Honestly, I am loving this new trend of getting personalized story books. I was able to personalize a lot of things as a child because April is so common and, well, it’s on the calendar. However, my siblings aren’t so “lucky”. They have beautiful names, but I could never find something personalized for them. Now, Put Me in the Story not only personalizes the book, it actually puts your child in the story!

Put Me in the Story | Personalized Story Books | AprilNoelle.com

Finding the Right Book for Each Daughter

Both of my daughters have very different personalities. Bee is kind and thoughtful, but often headstrong and persistent. Butterfly, on the other hand, loves to play princess and acts her role in the family – the baby. 

Going through the 144 options at Put Me in the Story, I really wanted to capture each of their personalities. It was harder than I thought. My girls don’t have strong character likes. They are fond of Mickey Mouse, Shopkins, Pete the Cat and many other characters. However, I would not say that they are they have a die-hard love for any particular one. 

On one hand, that’s great because that gives me much more flexibility in what I choose for them. On the other hand, it’s really difficult because I can’t rule out any character for either of them.

Put Me in the Story

Put Me in the Story | Personalized Story Books | AprilNoelle.comWhen I started the book choosing process, I had to think long and hard about what the book said and represented for each of them.

For Butterfly, I choose a book called Disney Princess Dream Big Princess Butterfly. This book covers the Disney princesses, including Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana! Wow! Each princess tells Princess Butterfly about their journey and how they dreamed big to get what they wanted. 

For Bee, I chose the Justice League. She has been very fascinated with superheroes, strong women and all the things that women could do, so I figured that putting her in a story that emulates these strong characters would resonate with her.

The Inscription

I thought the hardest part would be choosing the book. I was wrong.

Both books I chose gave you the option to include an inscription. Do you know how hard it is to write something that you know your children may have FOREVER captured in a printed book? This took me a long time to get right for each girl.

Butterfly Inscription | Put Me in the Story | AprilNoelle.com

The Photos

I also chose books that gave me the option of putting multiple pictures of my child in the book. Again, like the inscription, finding the right picture to be placed in the book took so much time. I finally found two pictures for each of them. I think I easily spent an hour on each of these books getting them perfect.

Whew! I was finally done.

The Website

Thankfully the website itself was super easy to use. Some books have pictures, some have inscriptions, some have one picture and others have two. You choose the book you want, add your pictures and write your inscription. The website process took less than five minutes per book

The great part of Put Me in the Story is that it isn’t just a superficial name on the cover, but it actually puts your child in the story! Butterfly’s name was in the book 14 times and Bee’s was in the book 8 times, including the cover! 

Now that I see them it was completely worth it. Both of my girls shine in their books and they screamed in excitement to read them over and over again. 


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