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25 Ways to Count Down to Christmas with Turn it Up Tuesday

Last week, I went to ShiftCon and can I say, it was off the hook! Honestly, I have nothing to compare it to. It was my first blogging conference, but I heard great things about it in comparison to other conferences. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a LOT more details in the upcoming months!

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Here are the Featured posts from last week!


Mari chose Eggs Baked in Mashed Potatoes from The Kittchen. “This week I chose Kit’s egg dream! Omg I saw this and can’t wait to try. I love all things egg and this is a great combo.”


Mari chose Cranberry Cheesecake Brownies #CranberryWeek from The Bitter Side of Sweet. “My sweet teeth were very happy to find this treat!”


Kimberly chose 5 Things We Should Always Be Thankful For from Big Fit Fam. “I loved every bit of this hysterical post. I would add a #6 to this list: We should always be thankful for memes, GIFs, and YouTube videos!”


Kimberly chose Web Roundup – Kanye, Conning Your Kids, and Killer Squirrels? from WebMDiva. “Yes, indeed! The minute Kanye dissed Beyonce’ and JayZ out loud, I knew something was amiss. WebMDiva gives us the lowdown in current events this week.”


Ginger chose Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies from Wife in Progress. “I am a sucker for anything peppermint. I can’t wait to bake up a batch with my niece.”


Ginger chose Wearable Wednesday: DIY Cape from The Perfect Storm. “I love how simple but chic this cape is. It’s a DIY that is really doable and cute.”


Melissa chose Peanut Butter Cheesecake Balls {THM Friendly} from A Mama’s Story. “I’m always looking for healthy snacks and these look delicious!”


Melissa chose 30+ Clean Eating Holiday Recipes from Grounded & Surrounded. “I want to enjoy the holidays without gaining 10 pounds so I love finding healthy recipes that let me enjoy the holiday tastes I love without the guilt.”


Heather chose Ribeye Steak with Bourbon Cream Sauce from The Kittchen. “We usually make strip steaks, and I’m sure the bourbon cream sauce will go just as well on that cut. Thanks for sharing!”


Heather chose Snickerdoodle Thumbprints with Cookie Butter Buttercream from The Gold Lining Girl. “I’m always surprised as how much I like snickerdoodle cookies; adding buttercream frosting will make them even better! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos too.”


Natasha chose 25 Ways to Count Down to Christmas from Reviews, Chews, & How-Tos. “My son is a huge fan of Christmas this year, and every day he asks me when it will be Christmas. I figured it’s a good time to find a way to count down to Christmas, and hopefully it can become an annual holiday tradition. Thanks for sharing these ideas!”


Natasha chose Single Mom Survival Guide for the Holidays from Starting Over… Again. “The holidays are always a tricky time for single parents – you treasure the time you have with your kids and come up with inventive ways to make the holidays a magical time for everyone, especially when your kids are not with you during the holidays. This is a great guide…thanks for sharing!”


The post with the most views is 11 Creative Ways to Save Money on Christmas Shopping from Past, Present, and Future Financial Blog.

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Cranberry Cheesecake Brownies #CranberryWeek from The Bitter Side of Sweet


Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies from Wife in Progress

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9 thoughts on “25 Ways to Count Down to Christmas with Turn it Up Tuesday”

  1. Oh my gosh, so many fun and delicious ideas here to help pass the time until Christmas! The Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies look so yummy and festive!

  2. faith stephenson

    omg.. there’s a lot to read on this site and its all very interesting! i will surely spend my day off on this site 🙂

  3. Cranberry cheesecake brownies and chocolate peppermint cookies? I am sold! Those are lovely recipes that my kids and the whole family will enjoy!

  4. Egg baked in mushed potato and cranberry cheese brownies! Hmmmm.. So delicious and perfect.. I love to try those very soon..

  5. Ribeye Steak with Bourbon Cream Sauce? So delicious and juicy.. I’ve been dreaming to eat all those food that you’ve shared.. Great!

  6. Wow! What a great linky! So many great posts to check out. Like others, I like those Cranberry Cheesecake Brownies too. They look absolutely delicious.

  7. I must admit, I got completely distracted by the chocolate peppermint sandwich cookies. That is my favorite treat this time of year. It means extra work at the gym, but totally worth it.

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