Thanksgiving Stay at Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown |

Thanksgiving Stay at the Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown

Thanksgiving Stay at Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown | AprilNoelle.comFor Thanksgiving, my husband and I took the kids to Atlanta for a wonderful family dinner. Primarily we make the trip because my husband’s family gets together there and it’s a full-on family atmosphere from young to the old. What’s a little different is that I also invite my family to come so that we can all be one location and several family members already live in Atlanta.

That said, no one has the space to accommodate our large family, more specifically 3 not-so-quiet children. That’s ok because I don’t have to spend the entire time trying to apologize for my children’s behavior or trying to stop them from being themselves. So, this year we chose to stay at the Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown.

Before this trip, I had never heard of the Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown. Even when my husband told me, I expected it to be a regular hotel, like, well, the Hyatt. It is but it’s so much better.

Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown

The Hyatt House is a new tier of hotel brand that caters to extended stays and families. Each hotel room is like a little apartment, with a full kitchen which includes a dishwasher, stove, full-sized refrigerator and a convection oven.

We asked for a room with two beds, so we ended up with two queen beds in the bedroom and a pull-out sleeper in the living room for my son. We had so much space that we never felt on top of each other. Did I mention it came with TWO televisions with LOTS of channels, plenty for kids and adults.

Breakfast at Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown | AprilNoelle.comAmenities

Other wonderful amenities about the Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown:

  • Complimentary full breakfast (I mean, bacon, eggs, one day we even had omelettes, cereal, fruit, waffles)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-Hour business center
  • 24-hour fitness center
  • Bar that’s open from 5-10 p.m.
  • Small shopping center to purchase personal items and snacks.


TThings to check out during your extended stay at Hyatt House | AprilNoelle.comhey also have many items that you can check out for your extended stay:

  • Board games
  • Kitchen appliances (crock pot, coffee maker, blender)
  • Tools
  • Car-Related Tools (jumper cables and more)

I have to give a special thank you to Phil, who worked mornings, and Lloyd, who worked evenings for always being personable and helpful when we needed them.


I would be remiss to not mention the cons.

There is street parking, five spots in front of the building and many more behind (even though it’s a walk). In general, you’ll likely use the valet because of lack of parking which is $26 a day. At first, I was going to work to NOT use valet, but when I started shuffling the kids around and in and out of the building constantly, the valet was perfect. They were conducive to my requests, especially when I would constantly ask if the car could stay close because I wouldn’t be long. I watched the valet jog, at a minimum, to get every car. I was always met with a smile.

Finally, our closet door was broken. Somehow, it came off the hinges and we struggled with how to deal with it since it opened in front of the television. Unfortunately, with it being the holidays, their engineer was not on staff until the day we left.

Our stay was easy and very, very nice. I would definitely recommend staying at the Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown with or without a family. Phil even let me know that each location will have its own theme, its own look and feel, to make each locality its own experience. I am very excited about the opportunity to stay in another location.

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Stay at the Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown”

  1. I think I may have stayed in this hotel before on a trip to Atlanta. Hyatt has really stepped up their game in how they decorate their hotels. They have a nice modern, yet comfy feel.

  2. I am not sure I have ever stayed at a Hyatt before. The rooms like clean and spacious and the amenities look great! I may have to stay at one the next time I travel!

  3. I love the large space in the room! It’s really nice to stay with the kids when you have a room that big! Sorry to hear about the car park, that’s an extra cost that no one will be happy about.

  4. I appreciate the honesty in your review. I have stayed a couple of places that had some minor issues like your closet door. It isn’t the worst thing, but it makes the stay a little annoying.

  5. I love it when I get recommendations for where to stay with or without family in any given destination. The Hyatt House Atlanta sounds fab. Despite the couple of small cons, I wouldnt call them that even. Thanks for sharing April 😀
    ~JUlie Syl

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