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Now that my children go to their independent school, our household budget has changed immensely. Before, my husband’s income was adequate to support our simple household. But now, we need to be able to finance sending three children to non-public education.

As early as last year, I’ve started working on my own ventures. So far, they have not yielded any real results. Late summer, I found an enterprise that I can see will give tangible results in the near future. However, the near future is not now. Building a business is still a process and working with a partner often leads to managing two people’s expectations: yours and the other person’s. 

In the pursuit of this venture, I realized that I need to make money without taking away from my children. I am perfectly willing to drop them off in the morning, work my butt off and then go pick them up in the afternoon. I’m also willing to go back to work after they go to sleep and then until it’s time for me to go to sleep.

Be Stubborn in Your Vision {by Becoming an Uber Driver} | AprilNoelle.comHowever, the truth of the matter is most jobs don’t operate that way, especially when you’re a new employee. You might be able to swing something with an existing position where they understand your work style, your communication, and your commitment. Considering I haven’t actually held a full-time job since moving to Florida, I don’t have any history like that.

I have applied for several jobs that fit the criteria. So far, I have gotten one. I will be teaching business law at a local college starting in January. I’m very excited about that opportunity; however, my kids still need their tuition paid now. What’s a girl to do?

So I have been tinkering with the idea of becoming an Uber driver for a while.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to do it.

I figured I could do something other than to taxi people around for hours on end when I’d rather be in my bed. So far, nothing else has worked. So here I am. 

Becoming an Uber Driver

When I first thought about signing up, I submitted most of the paperwork immediately: driver’s license, background check, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance.  I stopped when they requested I needed a vehicle inspection: not because I was against it, but because it required a bit of travel. The nearest Uber-approved inspection location is about three cities away.

So I hesitated.

I hemmed and hawed.

Then over this past weekend, I realized this is just what I’m going to have to do.


Monday was a little swamped as it’s the day that I catch up on chores and errands. So I was all ready to go on Tuesday.


Tuesday started perfectly and came to a crashing halt.

Butterfly, who seemed to be in great spirits in the morning, had a fever that the school recorded at 102. They couldn’t keep her. I needed to pick her up.

I had some other things to do that day as well, so I took her with me. Even though we were in and out of the car, she spent most of the day cuddled in my arms. One of the things on my schedule was a lunch with Jackie.  I could’ve rescheduled, but there’s a lot going on and I hadn’t seen her in a while. 

Interestingly enough, she brought Butterfly a gift. A gift not because she knew Butterfly was coming, but because she just thought of her while clearing out some space. Butterfly, of course, loves Minnie Mouse so it was the perfect gift.

She had a glorious day out of school.

I, however, didn’t get much work done.


I was hoping that this was it just a 24-hour bug, so I could do what I needed to do. But that 102 fever remained. I called the doctor ask for advice, the nurse said to wait another day.


I was still hopeful that I would be able to take my baby girl to school. At a temperature of 101, I scheduled an urgent appointment. The doctor said that there was no underlying issues and she would just need to fight off the viral infection. A little Tylenol (and Pedialyte for dehydration) and she would be back to normal soon. We went back home to sleep.


I took her temperature first. 98.8! Whoopee! She’s not running a fever anymore. She’s going to school!

I dropped her off and drove straight to the car inspection place. The wait was minimal since (1) I stayed to wait and (2) I’m nice.

A little smile, some kindness, and politeness will get you a long way.

My First “Co-Worker”

While I was there, I met a current Uber driver. A retired man who wanted to get out of the house. Steve told me about his experiences. As a tenured driver of over two years, he let me know that in his area, he made about $600 a week driving about 40 hours. He is retired so it was better to do this than sit at home.

It wasn’t a great income, but it was better than the ZERO dollars I was making in the meantime.

So, here I am. Taking an adventure into the realm of driving part-time.

Have you ever been an Uber or Lyft driver?

Clicking the above link will give you additional information,
but may also give me a bonus if you decide to become a driver.


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