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End Your Kids’ Summer with a Bang at Groupon #Groupon #ad

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One thing that gets under my skin is finding an item cheaper after I already paid for it. With Groupon Goods, I’ve never had that problem.

I told you a while back about the shopping haul. I still use all of those products and frequently search for more, checking out the app two or three times a week. But I don’t just take Groupon’s word for it, I check it out. Then I do two things: I research and I’m patient.

I wait for discounts and specials. It seems almost weekly, they will have a special on a particular item or type of items, like Groupon Goods.

Since I have three kids, I have to make sure that I save money on buying them items. If you have more than one kid, you know that you often can’t just one item, you have to get an item for each of them. So, I really have to find a way to find a way to cut those costs.

Luckily Groupon Goods makes sure that I can get them a little gift just for them. From personalized books to crystal earrings.

Personalized Storybooks from Put Me in the Story | Groupon Goods | AprilNoelle.comKids' Butterfly Studs with Swarovski Elements | Groupon Goods | AprilNoelle.com


Need to keep the kids busy for the last two weeks of summer? Find a local art camp or museum.
April Noelle and her kids | AprilNoelle.com

See how happy mine are to get out of the house… well, two of the three. LOL!

And if you’re done “doing” this summer, get them a tablet to ease your mind.

nabi 2 8GB 7" Tablet with Android OS | Groupon Goods | AprilNoelle.com

What was your best kids’ deal from Groupon?

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  2. The groupons in our area are really tricky – either not a full deal or the window for them is only a day or two, which means crowds. I’m glad you are getting such deals.

  3. I love Groupon. They have so many great deals on so many different things. I have gotten massages through Groupon before.

  4. I could not live without Groupon and always appreciate the awesome deals they offer. Next on my list is a cleaning service, which I plan to purchase as a back to school treat for myself.

  5. A friend was just telling about a good deal on a groupon she found for a local place to eat. I need to look through them again and see if there might be something for my family.

  6. I love to look for deals on Groupon. You never know what you will find. It is a great way to save money on almost everything.

  7. Summer activities are perfect for keeping the kids active and for spending more time with them before the school starts! I think it’s awesome that you were able to fill up your calendar with activities, without having to spend too much thanks to groupon!

  8. OMG OMG your little girl has the CUTEST little smile I have ever seen!!! Any who. I have used Groupon once or twice before I guess I should look into it more again.

  9. I always check Groupon before shopping or when planning outings. When we were visiting California I checked just to see if there was a discount for an amusement park we were to visit the next morning – and there was! I love that you can use it for deals all over the US!

  10. I love Groupon so much & have been using their coupons for long as they come up with some great deals that helps in saving money. Groupon Goods sounds amazing and it is great that we could get some best deals for our kids as well.

  11. We don’t have Groupon Goods here in the Philippines but we have a similar company that provides the same services. I think the best I got for the summer is a frisbee disk for my boy.

  12. I hate buying things for more than I need too! We search groupon and other sites for items or activities that we plan on buying already. I refuse to pay full price for anything. Especially with our expensive lifestyle of travel, we need to save money everywhere we can.

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