Top 10 Foods that Reduce Inflammation with #ChainLinkyCLIMB

I’ve been sick for weeks and I’m finally feeling better so I ended up working a lot over the weekend, ready to make this next week awesome. How are you doing?


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My Highest CLIMBer from JUNE 2016 is:

Top 10 Plant-Based Foods to Reduce Inflammation

Top 10 Plant-Based Foods to Reduce Inflammation from Healthy Helper | A roundup of the top plant-based foods that reduce inflammation all over the body and contribute to overall wellbeing. No need to consume animal products to lead an anti-inflammatory diet!

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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods that Reduce Inflammation with #ChainLinkyCLIMB”

  1. This is a nice list. My grandma suffered from pains due to her fracture. I will recommend this to her.

  2. My dog has bad arthritis I wonder if incorporating these foods (the dog friendly ones like sweet potatoes) could help him. Worth a try!

  3. This is such a helpful list especially since we can’t really avoid inflammation as we age. Most of them have additional health benefits as well, like turmeric! Thanks for the list!

  4. I didn’t know that you have not been well – I hope & pray that you are feeling better!
    Another fantastic Highest CLIMBer feature! Thank you again!
    PS – Thank you for all your ideas – I will respond to your email shortly

  5. Shanna Uptergrove

    Such a fab way to help out other bloggers and to get more people to see their posts. I think it is great that we help each other out where we can!

  6. A great list of anti inflammatory foods! Also a fantastic collection of posts, I’, looking forward to reading some of them. That stone necklace looks awesome!

  7. I never knew that some of these reduced inflammation. I need to definitely put them to the test and see if they work for me.

  8. What great advice for those that suffer from inflammation. Natural alternatives like these are better than always taking pills for it.

  9. Awesome linky for this week! Thanks for sharing the to 10 foods that reduce inflammation. I’ve been having some really horrible stomach pain. Probably from not eating well. Anyways. good luck to everyone entering the giveaways!

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