I Found A Neighborhood Hidden Gem: Gaines Park

Summertime is all about how to keep your kids occupied, still keep your sanity and your money.

I really wanted my children to take classes, but their ages range from 2 to 12 and I don’t have the time or the energy to run them to different places with possibly conflicting times. We decided that swim lessons would be a good start. We swam a little last year and I taught Bee to swim underwater, but nothing too complicated. Plus, she was too scared to go any significant distance. We went through our city’s Park and Recreation and found a class for them all.

Gaines Park is the closest park that offers swim lessons. For only $35 for 8 classes, you can’t beat it. I was excited to go as I was once on the swim team a long time ago. Because they are at different skill levels, each child has a different class, ranging from 5:30 to 7:20.

April and kids | Gaines Park Pool | AprilNoelle.com

Swim class is not news.

What’s NEWS:

  • You can swim while your kid is swimming
    • We practice with the other children while the one is in class.
    • At previous places, we had to sit in the hot sun and watch (still an option), but the water feels so much better.
  • There’s a baby pool
    • Butterfly really likes the baby pool instead of actually swimming. She’s pretty good in her class, she deserves a break. 🙂
  • There’s a small splash pad
  • The water is a comfortable temperature, I’m guessing between 75 and 80 degrees.
  • All of the above is FREE during swim class and only $2 (for adults) and $1 (for under 17) during the day.

I used to hate going to swim classes that I had to watch because of sheer boredom and now that we’re there for almost two hours, I was not looking forward to it.

Now, I sit, play, swim and teach.

Even better, the lifeguards see how I’m teaching my kids to swim and I get a little pat from the lifeguards from the good job that I’m doing.


64 comments on “I Found A Neighborhood Hidden Gem: Gaines Park”

  1. First, your kids are adorable. Those smiles are priceless! And you are so right about keeping kids occupied in summer. And maintaining your own sanity!

    1. April Noelle says:

      Thanks so much. Gotta keep yourself, more then anyone else.

  2. tara pittman says:

    Swimming lessons are important for kids. You just never know when they might need it

    1. April Noelle says:

      Living in Florida, if we aren’t invited somewhere with a pool, a beach is close by. They definitely need to learn so they can just get around and enjoy themselves.

  3. michelle mink says:

    Wow $35 for 8 classes is such a great deal. I loved taking swimming classes when I was little.

  4. Awesome! Seems you had a great time with your kids.

    1. April Noelle says:

      I try. Not always the case, but I try.

  5. Nicole Escat says:

    Your kids looks so happy! I like the genuine happiness in their face. This is a sure nice place to go with the family!

    1. April Noelle says:

      They were at the pool, so yes, they were genuinely happy! 🙂

  6. Amer Phils says:

    I’m glad you’re kids seem like having fun! That name “Butterfly” is beautiful.

    1. April Noelle says:

      Yes, we’re all having a blast. Thanks. Butterfly is her nickname. 🙂

  7. Amy Jones says:

    Swimming classes are such a great for kids! Especially in summer when they’re bored

  8. Courtney Gillard says:

    I like exploring our neighborhood to see the hidden places for a staycation. This is a nice find!

  9. Azlin Bloor says:

    Sounds like a great place for the whole family. I like that you can do something while the kids are at it too.

  10. Liz Mays says:

    This is such summer fun for you all! I’m glad you’re able to get in there and swim and practice.

  11. oana79 says:

    Such a lovely place and very reasonable too!

  12. Elizabeth O. says:

    So glad that you found something like this and how timely too, perfect for the warmer days of the year! It would be nice to take the kids here, not only will they have fun but you will also have the chance to spend more time with each other as a family!

  13. Ali says:

    That is an incredible value for swimming lessons. It’s so wonderful that this option is available nearby. I hope they have a great time!

  14. Anna nuttall says:

    Your kids are adorable and what a nice place to visit during the summer. xxx

  15. I am so glad that although you used to hate swim classes when you were younger now everything has changed and you are a teacher!

  16. i’ve heard of this park from friends. looks like y’all had an amazing time. hahha love the selfie

  17. Berlin says:

    Love it when others are being considerate. Having a baby pool there is just awesome and too thoughtful! And surely with the looks of it, you had fun!

  18. Our local pool has been closed a few years while we wait for a new one to be built. I’m tired of waiting! I want a big pool for the kids to play in. We have a small one in our yard, but it just isn’t the same.

  19. AMAZING price! I can hardly believe it. We’d spend at least 3x that for as many visits as you discussed.

  20. Gaines Park, that name sounds familiar to me. Anyway, I am glad you found a place that can make both you and your kids happy!

    1. Liz Mays says:

      It’s definitely cool that she stumbled across this place! Being able to swim while your kids are in class is a huge plus!

  21. Mardene Carr says:

    Sounds pretty cool that you all can do this together. It is really hot this summer so I am sure everybody is happy

  22. Look at the cuties!! I would much rather go to a swim class if I also got to go in the pool during practice lol

  23. Eileen Kelly says:

    That is awesome that you can swim while the kids are as well The price is amazing too

  24. Swimming lessons are not only fun but also very useful. I did a few years of swimming when I was a kid and they helped me a lot as an adult.

  25. Lisa Rios says:

    Adorable cute kids! I love how you have utilized the summer for taking your kids to swimming classes. Gaines Park sounds great & the rates are quite reasonable as well.

  26. Cathy Mini says:

    I haven’t gone swimming in a long time. This is a great opportunity! Brilliant idea.

  27. That’s a wide range of ages. Good thing you thought about swimming classes because that’s basically all they want to do during the summer.

  28. How wonderful that you can swim with your other kids while one is in a lesson and I love splash pads. Looks like you found a perfect summer activity and it’s affordable! Awesome! 🙂 Plus the lifeguards giving you kudos? Perfect.

  29. This sounds awesome. We have the girls in swim lessons here once a week and sadly wish I could have found something similar to what you described, but our local park that offered usually didn’t have enough lifeguards and their usual summer program was not to be offered, because of this. So, now they are doing Saf-T-Swim, which they love, but was costly and not nearly as much perks as you described above to be honest.

  30. Pam says:

    What a fun park! I love that they have a baby pool. My granddaughter is three months and just loves being in the water.

  31. Lindsey says:

    Oh wow, those are some great prices for swimming lessons. The pool looks very nice.

  32. MJ. L says:

    You really can’t beat that price for lessons! They are usually crazy expensive!

  33. kristin says:

    Swimming lessons are so important. I actually taught my older girls to swim it’s my little one who needs the lessons. Great advice!

  34. Jeanine says:

    Super cute! What fun I wish we had a pool like this close by us! All the ones here are so far, and always so packed! Drives me nuts… but this looks great!

  35. It looks like the family had a great time! Isn’t fun when you discover a place in your own backyard that you had no idea was there? It’s like Christmas come early.

  36. Love discovering hidden gems in my neighborhood. With a little investigation you might stumble on the perfect place to spend time with the family.

  37. Val says:

    It is always great when you find a local place to take the kids, it’s funny how we can be in one place for a long time and still have places we didn’t know existed. Looks like a great time!

  38. We have a similar park where we live. The kids LOVE to go there all the time in the summer.

  39. Kathy says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. I love to go swimming, and so do my girls. Your kids are very adorable and look like they’re enjoying it too!

  40. Amanda Love says:

    Finding a place like this is a blessing for us parents! It’s good to have a place where you can keep the kids entertained especially this summer!

  41. Yay! That’s a good deal! I enrolled my kids in swimming lessons for $50. They really enjoy it! Seems like your kids are enjoying too!

  42. Aaawwww what fun with the family and it actually encourages the liluns to learn faster seeing mom in the water. I remember the days of siting by the side watching. The pool always looked so attractive!

  43. Donna says:

    What a good choice, knowing how to swim is an essential life skill, I think. Not to mention fun ang a great exercise to boot. 🙂

  44. This looks great for your kids. A small splash pool is an excellent addition for children.

  45. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This sounds like a fantastic gem. I never liked having to wait at the side of the pool during lessons.

  46. Kita Bryant says:

    I had a friend who used to teach swim lessons. She said private swim lessons were much better compared to group ones.

  47. Nikki Wayne says:

    Oh, I like neighborhood hidden wonders. We found a similar place near our house.

  48. We love most of our local places like this! I’m so glad communities have these available and they’re affordable daily fun!

  49. Meagen Brosius says:

    It’s so great when you can find awesome spots in your hometown! We used to have a great community swimming pool but it’s since closed sadly!

  50. Crystal says:

    That is such a great idea. I hate sitting and waiting for the kids, especially when the kids aren’t taking classes all at the same time.

  51. Rosey says:

    What a fun idea. Great way to make a positive difference for everyone involved!

  52. Nicole Etolen says:

    This is a nice place to have a fun weekend. Nice to know that you enjoy your staycation.

  53. christina aliperti says:

    There is nothing like a day at the pool. And it’s awesome to find a hidden gem that not everyone knows about. I love feeling like we have a family secret lol.

  54. shantha says:

    Your family is beautiful! My kids are 9 and 8 and absolutely love to swim.

  55. Katherine G says:

    That is an amazing price for swim lessons. I’m thinking of putting my kids in lessons next summer. They know how to swim but I think every little bit helps.

  56. Sounds like such a great place. I love it when you can find hidden gems. They are special moments in life. This one sounds wonderful; I love swimming.

  57. When my daughter turned four, I enrolled her in swimming classes. It’s very important for me that she learns swimming because it will save her life.

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