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I remember at one of Bunny’s first parties with his playgroup. He was about three and we were having a great time. One of the other moms asked him if he wanted some candy. He excitedly ran over to the vegetable platter and snacked on carrots and tomatoes. The moms all looked at me jaws dropped. My son had picked veggies over candy. By this time, he hadn’t had candy often, maybe 5 times in his life.

Now, that I have more children, the candy restrictions are not as strict, but I still have two of my three kids who will opt for vegetable over many other foods. The one, my eldest daughter, Bee, she’s a special case, with a story that goes all the way back into my womb. Even with Bee, she can eat her share of fruits and vegetables.

But how do I have three children who willing eat vegetables, even at young ages as 2 and 4? Here are my tips to get your kids to eat more vegetables.

Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables | AprilNoelle.com

Start Early

When introducing your children to foods, opt for the savory vegetables instead of the sweet fruit more often. They will like and appreciate the flavor of vegetables when their taste buds aren’t longing for the sweet.

Eat More Vegetables

You, yes, you. If you eat more vegetables, they will want to eat what you eat. Set the example for your children on what your vegetable eating expectations are and over time, they will understand and follow suit.

From Your Plate to Yours

I don’t have any problem with any baby food company. But their food doesn’t taste like your food. If you make green beans with a slice of bacon for flavor, then that’s a “new” flavor to them which they may or may not like as they make the move from pureed to solid foods. I always kept an individual serving sized blender on the counter and, before I added salt or hot spices, would toss in the veggies in the blender to serve the kids a pureed version of what we were eating. I would actually do this for all of our meals, but it was especially useful for vegetables.

Serve Often

We have vegetables at every meal after breakfast. Often, I will make a display where they will have various options to eat them. I have a three-part serving tray where I put one fruit and two vegetable options at least one snack a day. In the beginning, Bee would have nothing to do with it, or only eat the fruit. After about a week, she would scarf down all three choices without a second thought.

Creative Music Note Veggie Platter | Tips to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables | AprilNoelle.com

Be Creative

As above, I try to incorporate vegetables however I can. The more fuss that they see you make, the more they want it. Bee rarely eats celery, but take time designing a music note and she couldn’t wait to dive in and eat all of the pieces. I think she just wanted to destroy my project. Whatever works.

Raw or Cooked?

For most of my youth, I did not like cooked vegetables. I would eat fresh carrots, celery, lettuce, etc. but wouldn’t touch a cooked broccoli floret. I thought they were mushy and relatively tasteless. I found out as I got older that people would often overcook their vegetables. When I learned to properly cook vegetables, I liked them a lot more. Try mixing up their options, cooked and raw.

When all else fails, be sneaky and trick them into eating their vegetables.


Try Sneakz Organic!

Sneakz dreamed up a way to make eating healthy fun for kids by adding 1/2 serving of daily vegetables to delicious organic milkshakes. I received these milkshakes in exchange for my honest review.

Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables | Sneakz | AprilNoelle.com

Why not combine the veggies with something they already like?

My kids really enjoyed these milkshakes. We started with the chocolate milkshake which I thought would be a favorite, but I quickly learned that they loved strawberry even more.

Bunny, my son, said he could taste the vegetables, but that didn’t stop him from drinking one of these every day until they were gone.

Remember Bee, my non-veggie eater? She was happy to opt to have this milkshake instead of eating the vegetables.

Butterfly could only finish about a half of a box (approx. 4 oz.) each time. She was excited to drink it, but couldn’t finish it.

Bunny Drinking Sneakz | AprilNoelle.com

What’s different about Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition?

1/2 Serving of Veggies

Each box has 1/2 serving of veggies, making it a delicious snack with nutritional benefits for a balanced diet.

Organic Dairy

Our Non-GMO and grass fed cows produce the highest quality organic milk which is healthy and safe for your little ones.

Natural Cane Sugar

Sneakz is sweetened with natural cane sugar and has fewer grams per ounce than flavored milks by Organic Valley and Horizon Milks.


I only found one drawback for this delicious product… the name. I couldn’t bring myself to tell my children it was named “Sneakz”. Obviously, Bunny could just read the name, but I didn’t want to let my littles know about “sneaking”.

Sneakz | AprilNoelle.com


Now for a giveaway!

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