In The Morning

Two little eyes peek around the door. I know who they belong to. My little Butterfly flutters in first thing in the morning checking to see whether she should enter. She’s all smiles when she bounces onto the bed and crawls under the covers to cuddle.

This is a different Butterfly than the one that appears suddenly in the middle of the night, confident that she will be able to sneak into bed with me.

The next to wake is Bunny. Normally, that’s because I have to flood his room with light and noise to get him out of bed. He is the reason we are up so early… school calls. Absent from this room is a working alarm clock. Somehow, he has three and none of them make a peep in the morning. I have a sneaking suspicion that turns them off so they don’t wake him up in the morning.Tomorrow, I promise myself, I’ll get him up earlier, way before he expects it.

From the commotion, Bee pops up, makes her daily declaration of hunger and plops herself at the kitchen table waiting for me to turn on the television. “Honey, we have to get dressed,” I call and she races back to the room. She knows that the sooner she gets dressed, the sooner she can eat.

From there, I see camaraderie and siblinghood. I see my son make bowls of cereal for his sisters and clean the table.

I see him go to the bathroom and prep all of the toothbrushes so they can brush their teeth together.

I see him crawl onto the floor to help his sisters put on their shoes after he gets himself ready.

I see joyful and playful children.

Laughter fills the air until it’s time to get in the car, with two of them protesting vehemently. “Get your things and get in the car or you’ll have to get in the car without your stuff,” I nudge. With dragging feet, they grab their Barbies and a book to read.

In the car, I see drivers who don’t seem to understand the purpose of a crosswalk, and sometimes a red light.

At the school, I see parents who act like their child is the only one going to school and they are the only ones who have something else to do, cutting off cars, narrowly missing some of the children on foot.

I see parents begrudgingly completing their mandatory volunteer hours, by opening doors so the children can get out and motioning the cars to continue driving so more cars can drop off. This morning, however, a couple of parents aren’t in the helping mood. They are neither motioning or opening doors. They are standing so far down, they couldn’t be of assistance if they tried. But an hour of time is an hour of time, right?

As I drive off, I think of all of the things that we could get into today and I see the possibilities are endless.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “The things I’ve seen this morning…”
Your hosts are, as always, Kristi from Finding Ninee and this week’s fabulous sentence thinker-upper, Leanne from Hope.


66 thoughts on “In The Morning”

  1. Enjoyed that peek into your morning. Stress sometimes gets to people and the pressure of chores lined up, perhaps that’s why they don’t feel like being helpful and kind. Our mornings are quite crazy most days. And then there are some wonderful ones too when the twins decide to surprise me. They wake up on their own, get dressed and get back into bed waiting for me to come wake them. Those are the best mornings of all.

  2. Aw! You know, I love the morning snuggle time so much. It’s one of my favorite things. So glad you linked up again April. Super super sweet post. I love that your son looks after the others!

  3. It is so nice that your son puts all the cereal bowls out for himself and his sisters! You must have trained him well. I suppose he takes the responsibility of being the eldest child seriously, which is a great sign. My two children are in High school now and I miss the days of primary school already. I used to spend up to an hour standing in the school grounds chatting with other Mums….the Principal would walk past and have a chat…the recess bell would ring and the kids would come spilling out of their classrooms…all before we moved off to attend to thetrudgery of work. Sometimes I found a parking ticket on my car windscreen because I’d far exceeded my fifteen minute drop off! Fun days though. Enjoy.

  4. I love your narrative. It is very descriptive and I can imagine the surroundings you have seen. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful read! My Friday morning was thinking about my craving for a cup of joe. I had a late night and seriously needed one! LOL!

  5. What an eventful and sweet morning. I love that your kids help each other out during the morning, that’s really adorable. It’s such a nice read, this post. Thank you!

  6. I love morning time too with my boys and we cooked together a fan cakes or a oatmeal I want to stay like this forever.

  7. Super cute! We recently moved my 2 year old out of my bed and into his own crib and every morning he climbs in to snuggle with me and let me say I miss it! I love it, and look forward to the cuddles.

    My kids need to take notes from yours with helping out and such with each other in the mornings!

  8. this is cute! now i’m thinking what i saw this morning. check my daughter sleeping in her room. had my coffee and sipping it while looking at the beautiful creek and sunshine in the morning

  9. This is such heart-warming post. Now I’m thinking of the things I’m seeing right now from where I’m sitting while drinking my cup of coffee. 🙂

    1. My son goes to a charter school. For most charter schools, there’s an agreement that you sign when they enroll that you will complete around 20 volunteer hours per year. The thinking is that since they don’t have the same resources as public schools, they need parents to step into the gap. I only mention it because of the irony of mandatory volunteer hours, since volunteering is normally, you know, voluntary.

  10. i like when kids to their things about making their own breakfast and helping their siblings. training my daughter to be like one

  11. Such a beautiful writing & I loved every part of it. The mornings are quiet beautiful at my home as well with both my naughty kids around, but the good thing is they both help each other & they even involve in home chores to help me at times when I am sick.

  12. Happy, crazy, lazy, helpful, and more. You can see it all around, everywhere every day if you pay attention. Most of the time though, I think people don’t.

  13. Oh I like stuff like this! I’m gonna join in! That’s too bad on the begrudged volunteers. It sounds like you have a cute family and I love how much your son helps your other kiddos.

  14. oh how adorable to see siblings helping each other. I can relate as I am from a big family and had to help the younger ones. We had to walk to school and could not understand why parents did not respect those that walk. As a parent and driver, I wish parents would be more responsible and wake up sooner to make the time work on their side. I believe it would be much better for

  15. I really got a picture whilst reading this, your description, the words you use really puts you in that place and you can feel the happiness and love just by reading what you have written. Your boy is such a superstar for helping you in a morning! Iam also a fan of morning cuddles in bed, we love Sunday’s more as we can take all the time we need 🙂

  16. I hate when people drive crazy around schools. That’s why there is cross guards and flashing lights. I wish everyone paid more attention. I heard about a school bus running over a kid at school because it jumped the curb. Scary!

  17. Out of curiosity are bee, butterfly & bunny nicknames? I also love that you mentioned drivers who don’t understand the purpose of a cross walk. this upsets me so much and when i happen to be in the car with people who stop in the cross walk i freak out on them. i walk often and get really upset when people ignore the crosswalk

  18. Your kids are a mirror of mine. I have the snuggly one, the hungry one, and the one who doesn’t want to get out of bed.I love the mornings though because there seems to be less bickering among them and they help each other willingly and happily.

  19. Michelle Blackwood

    I love to hear about the special bond between your children also they are being trained well. Keep up the good work, children are such a blessing and we should enjoy them because they grow so fast.

  20. Love how you described your mornings! It is so nice your son helps his sisters put on their shoes and make bowls of cereal for her! Thanks for sharing such a lovely post!

  21. This is such a lovely piece of writing…Bet I can think of a 10 things to do this this morning. The kids are busy working and helping now this is what I call team work in harmony!

  22. Melissa Bernardo

    Mornings are the best. When I heard my little guys waking up I can’t wait to grab them and give them a big squeeze!

  23. You bring up a pet peeve of mine with the drop-off/pick up. It irritates the crud out of me how some parents buck the flow just because they feel entitled.

  24. I don’t have any children yet but these mornings sounds pretty perfect. Your son sounds so sweet making the breakfast for his sisters and cleaning it away

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