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Make Your Business Pop with Screen Printing

My timeline has been flooded with my friends starting businesses… and looking to add a t-shirt to sell to support their endeavors. They love the idea of t-shirts because they’re something that their customers can actually use. Plus, every time they wear t-shirts, they become walking billboards for the business. We aren’t talking about shirts that have the company’s logo or name, but innovative ideas like quotes, designs or styles.

Use Screen Printing to Boost Your Business
Wouldn’t you love to make a shirt that looks like this?

So, I started doing some research on creating t-shirts, because you know, I don’t have anything else to do. I wasn’t even looking to make a t-shirt anytime soon. I was just curious, but I found an inexpensive and effective way to get this done.

Screen printed t-shirts.

Mainly because you can easily create them all on your own. You don’t need to get roped into buying a bunch and hoping that they come out the way that you’d like.
All you need is a computer, plain shirts, and a few small screen printing supplies, then

All you need is a computer, plain shirts, and a few small screen printing supplies, then you can easily create all of the tees you need in a single afternoon. Computer artwork programs will walk you through how to create and format an image. Converting that image onto the screen can then be done in less than 15 minutes using a few simple materials.

To print the image onto the shirt, you simply place it onto a flat surface or press, secure the screen in place with tape, and then apply the ink. The ink then needs to be cured with heat for a few moments, after which it will remain in place.

As every individual color in your design will require its own screen layer, designs using multiple colors take more time to apply. Curing must also be done between each ink layer. This is why many screen print designs are only laid in a single color. Yet where’s the fun in that? Employing multiple people to print on multiple shirts at a time, you can easily produce many bright, multi-colored tees in a single session.

For a detailed view of the entire screen printing process, see the infographic below.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

How cool is that? I would love to create some shirts with multiple colors instead of the single colored ones that you normally find.

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