Life has been a whirlwind around here. Who knew that time would fly so fast that next week is already APRIL?!?!?

An update is certainly necessary, for fun and to be held accountable.

Working at Home

There have been actual weeks that I put on clothes and do my hair every.single.day. I’m really working on it becoming a rarity that I don’t look put together since it really is just as easy to put on jeans as yoga pants (but I can’t say that I don’t miss my them).

I’ve been taking a seat at the table instead of working out of my bed. I know, shocking, I work in my bed. I realized that there would be days that I could make up reasons not to leave my room if I didn’t absolutely have to, where my girls would sit next to me. It started to feel weird like I was avoiding the world, which maybe I was.


Whirlwind (1)I have a plethora of ideas and I want to do them all, but then I get in this rut where everything seems overwhelming. Somehow, I start to feel like I put impossible goals on myself and I want to retreat back into my room, away from anyone, everyone, including my family. Thankfully, I’m starting to recognize these times and pull myself out. So, for now, I limit the amount of work I do in my room.


I’m all over the workouts. I’m still waiting for the adrenaline to rush in and tell me that I somehow now LOVE working out. It’s not coming. However, I

However, I am loving the kid-free time. I spend so much time with children, it’s nice to have that purposeful break where I can just be April and not Mom, not Wife.

I work on challenging myself every day. Although the weight loss hasn’t been great, I can see the changes in my body and the way the clothes fit.

I’ve gone 5-6 times a week almost every week since the beginning of the year and I see no signs of stopping.


As I mentioned before I’ve actually been working on doing my hair. I am excited that there will be some posts in the future about my hair and quick and easy ways to do it.

That completely sounds weird coming from me, since I spent basically my entire adult life pulling my hair into a ponytail.


Bunny is getting better at playing the piano and impresses me every day. He fights at every step, but then does this:

and this:

Bee is a smart little girl. If I could get her out of her own way, she would be able to accomplish EVERYTHING.

Bunny, Bee and Me at Piano Recital

Butterfly, well, she’s two. We’re spending more days fighting than fun. I hope this changes soon.

Bee, Butterfly and dad
Butterfly is the little one. This is the only picture she isn’t pouting.


I’m struggling with becoming someone who’s comfortable in front of people, not just as a blogger, but in life. I find that I hide behind the screen, leaving tweets unsent, status updates as drafts and silence when I want to make actual noise.

Alum work

I went to UCLA and if you know anything about geography, I’m about 3000 miles away from my college. Yet, they are asking for local volunteers to accomplish some tasks, and I’ve agreed! Eeek! Last month, I helped host a dinner for alums and this month, I’ll be conducting interviews for scholarship recipients.

I really wish we could host game parties, but honestly, the games are so late (often starting later than 7 p.m. EST) that I cannot commit to watching, much less hosting.

shecrate feb shirts


As a blogger, I’m learning how to pitch more, basically selling myself as a brand, not just someone who writes occasionally. It’s going well and I love it, but it definitely puts me outside of my comfort zone as I have to understand my worth (see above in Confidence).

New projects

I’m working on a community project now (outside of NCBW) and I’m overwhelmed. I’m getting in contact with some big names in the area, and truly I’m not ready. But I’ve already put it out in the world, so here it goes!

What about you? Got an update post? Drop it in the comments. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

23 thoughts on “Whirlwind”

  1. Awesome. Looks like you’ve been having a productive month. It’s nice that you’re keeping yourself physically active, that’s a great move especially when you have kids to raise! Health is wealth after all.

  2. I struggle with confidence too.
    And I’ve been doing things with my hair differently. Like color glazing. Boy is it fun and it keeps my natural highlights intact!
    I’ve been working at home for a few years now, and it’s amazing how I do get dressed and showered to “come to work.” But it more has to do with having to drop the kids off in the morning.

  3. Lawrence Hamilton

    That is beautiful. One day at a time, we all get there with the changes we need to make and the success we’d like to see. That is very good to hear!

  4. Excellent post. I totally need to pitch more. I used to pitch quite a bit but since I also work a day job and have two special needs children at home I can barely keep up with 1/2 of what needs to be done. I need another me…

  5. It sounds like you have a lot of positive things and personal growth happening in your life! Keep on doing what you are doing and the confidence will come. You have a beautiful family!

  6. christina aliperti

    I am excited to see the hair styles. I also am guilty of putting my hair in a ponytail almost every single day. Working at home can make it easy to slack off, we need to stay focused!

  7. You sound so much like me.

    I love how honest you are.

    It was fascinating reading about parts of your life.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Right now I just want a good laptop so I am not so slowed down for blogging.

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