Month: March 2016


Life has been a whirlwind around here. Who knew that time would fly so fast that next week is already APRIL?!?!? An update is certainly necessary, for fun and to be held accountable. Working at Home There have been actual weeks that I put on clothes and do my hair I’m really working on it becoming a …

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Turn It Up Tuesday |

They Run the World

Maybe because it’s Women’s History Month, maybe it’s because I’ve spent day-in and day-out with two wonderful little girls who run the world, maybe it’s because I want to DANCE, but this song has been on repeat in my house for the last week: What song’s is on repeat in your life? And, let’s get …

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Swinging through the Emotions of Toddlerhood |

On the Swingset

No one told me that it would be like this. Maybe it’s because I have a decade between me and my next sibling. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to argue. Or maybe I just ignored it before it happened to me. The bickering, the hugging, the yelling, the kissing, the melt-downs, the tickling, the …

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