7 Reasons to Volunteer as a Stay at Home Mom

Motherhood can often feel like each day is on repeat. Like this:

That video feels so much like my life. Everyday is the same. Even more so, it’s tiring. So, why, oh why, would I suggest that you work harder or do more?

Just hear me out, follow along, and hopefully by the end of the this post, you’ll want to find a place to volunteer.

As a stay at home mom, most people suggest me first when it comes to watching other people’s children. They seem to assume that since I spend ALL.DAY.LONG. with my little ones, I want to spend even more times with theirs. This is not the case, at least not for me. I’m sure there are some mommies (and daddies) that love children and would love to add that experience to their resume, but I’m not one of them. I’m a stay at home mother to be closer to my children, not anyone else’s.

Reasons to Volunteer as a Stay at Home Mother (1)


I prefer to volunteer with various organizations for the following reasons:

1. You Will Get To Use Your Brain

Ah, sitting in a meeting means you get to think, and not about what to make for lunch. People ask you real questions, questions that make you think, consider, reason, and come up with a viable solution. You can offer suggestions, opinions and advice to people who care, don’t ignore you or assume that at your “old age” you don’t know what you’re talking about. They will respect you and love you for your “fresh ideas”.

2. You Will Get to Make Adult Friends

What’s the biggest complaint about the being a stay at home mom? Being lonely. Volunteering allows you to find people with like interests and work toward a common goal. Unlike mommy cliques, most of these women are also volunteering to accomplish a goal. Even though you may find people who like each other more than others, people are open to accepting you and working with you because it’s for the benefit of the organization. This gives them time to know you, like you and accept you, in ways mommy groups just don’t allow. With some time, these will become real adult friends, ones that come over on Sunday night for drinks and have game nights.

3. You Have a Reason to Leave the House ALONE

In the beginning, I was guilt-ridden when I left the house, wondering if I made the right decision and if my husband resented me for leaving. The guilt of leaving my children “just because” haunted me. I felt like I needed to “do something”, not just “go somewhere”. Becoming a volunteer completely subsided this feeling. Between general meetings, committee meetings and subcommittee meetings, leaving doesn’t feel quite so bad, since you’re still doing good.

4. You Get to Use Your Talents

Staying home, I’ve become a writer and a blogger. Through those hobbies, I have found a future career with new skills, including writing, creating a social media presence, designing and editing a website, and teaching others. These are skills that most organizations need since they tend to be more expensive and carry a consistent monthly fee. Lending your skills can truly benefit and grow the organization’s status within the community and their online presense.

5. You have updated references

One day, you may want to return to the workforce and you certainly can’t rely on references from a decade before. Working consistently with your organization can open up others’ eyes to your work ethic and ability to get the job done. When you’re ready, you have people to call that will willingly and openly vouch for you.

6. You May Get the Inside Track on a Job

Depending on how much of a benefit you provide to your organization, business owners or company managers may see how diligent and competent you are. When you’re ready to return to work, these people will be happy to hire, refer or just give a good word to a future employer. You will have a proven track record and they will be ready to hire you based on real world work, instead of an inflated resume to cover up the time lapse.

7. You Learn to Trust Your Spouse

When you navigate every aspect of your children’s lives, you tend to become a bit controlling. You become accustomed to having things done your way, almost guaranteeing disappointment upon your return. With each trip out, you become more confident in your spouse’s parenting abilities or less caring about perfection. When you start focusing on others, sometimes you forget about the little things, and you know that you will be secure that everything will be acceptable upon your return.

How do you find a volunteering gig? Take a look at your interests and look within the county for local organizations. Often organizations only have a county chapter, but host meetings locally.

I volunteer with:

NCBW 100 Logo
National Coalition of 100 Black Women
UCLA Alumni
UCLA Alumni
Womens Foundation
Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County
Christ Fellowship Logo
Christ Fellowship







With each organization, I get something a little bit different. With NCBW and Women’s Foundation, I get to network, plan adult events, meet business owners and use my knowledge as a blogger and writer to help their organizations. With UCLA Alums, I get to not only network and plan adult events, I get to have a reason to go out and have adult time. With Christ Fellowship, I have a tangent relationship with the children. I work Guest Services, so I get to work with the adults, instead of the kids. I also get to work on their social media committee.

90 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Volunteer as a Stay at Home Mom”

  1. I sit on a non profit board called parent to parent, I also started a rare genetic disorder support group with the non profit which is something I have always wanted to do. Volunteering as a family has helped bring our family closer because we have been able to bond together helping others and able to use the skill of prespective to understand that yes our family has struggled but there are other familys out there who are where we were at and now we are in a spot to help other familys. It’s been a huge blessing in teaching some life skills for our kids but also as a husband and wife we discovered some more ways for bonding time. Like car rides there and on the way home.

  2. That video is awesome! I feel like that.. so much… every morning really.
    I was a board member of a non-profit for a few years, until Des was born and it became too much.
    I really loved the experience, though.

  3. I work at home watching other people’s kids. I never get a break and if I volunteer I have to volunteer at home. It’s tough but it’s the life I have chosen for now. I do love adults. Oh gosh, I love it when a daycare mom picks up their kid and has a conversation with me.

  4. I definitely like volunteering for the socialization aspect. I also like it because it gets me out of the house and the constant cleaning that I feel that I need to do. The top reason however is feeling good about helping others.

  5. These are all really great reasons! I am lucky that my husband works at home with me so I get some adult conversation…still, a woman would be nice once and awhile.

  6. Lovely idea to volunteer as a stay at home mom. It does have its benefits, like meeting and speaking with other adults other than the ones you live with. It also helps us to get out of the house more and helps us from going crazy! LOL.

  7. The adult interaction is seriously huge and that video just made me smile as I have been looking for my girl’s dance clothes for about an hour now, because they start dance today after school. Of course, they decided to play with these clothes they need to wear and now I am not finding them. So I get it completely!!!

  8. This is a great post. I work outside of the home, but still feel the importance of volunteering to stay connected to the community. I don’t think I’d know any of my kids’ friends’ parents if I didn’t. Adorable video 😉

  9. Such great points about adult time and using your adult brain again. I also love that the kids learn from a young age the importance of volunteering, we also try to find volunteer opportunities that involve the entire family.

  10. This is fantastic advice!
    So many of my friends have found their brains going to sleep and this is an excellent way to stay awake as an adult as well as be a great Mom!

  11. I’m surprised you have time for all this volunteer work, so it shows that you have excellent time management skills – something that is very important to employers when returning to work once your children are older.


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  13. Great post. My kids are grown now, but I was a working mom that turned into a stay at home mom. They are both challenging. I remember the working moms that thought I was home to watch their kids too 🙂 volunteering is a great option to be around adults.

  14. Love, love, LOVED volunteering when my boys were young and I was at home. It made me feel like I was still contributing to society, and that was very important to me!

  15. I agree with alot of what you have said.
    Sounds like we have a bit in common.
    I’m a Stay At Home Dad.
    It’s been really beneficial for me developing my blogging.
    I take part in Charity. ( NZ Epilepsy Foundation )

  16. Oh, it took me a second! I was like, “volunteer to be a stay-at-home-mom?” “Volunteer WHILE being a stay-at-home-mom!” I gotcha! Yes, I think if I were a SAHM I would be doing whatever I could to get out of the house a bit. My hubby and I have already decided that he can be a SAHD and I can still work. Sometimes I have so much vacation time at work (what a problem, right? LOL!) that I have to take a week “stay-cation”. By the end of the week, I am usually totally withdrawn and hate life. I don’t see how SAHMs do it! Bless you all!!

  17. Wonderful encouragement and motivation. I do not have children, but I just started volunteering a few months ago with at risk children, and I am enjoying all the benefits that it brings into my life.

  18. This is a great list and really good reasons to volunteer. This list works well for retirees too or even someone who is out of a job. I have always thought volunteering does more for the person doing the volunteering than the organization they are volunteering for.

  19. I glanced at your side bar and your children are adorble.The video made me laugh.I’m not a mother but hopefully one day I will.I love how you took it upon yourself to make a diffrence in your life keep motivating others 😛


  20. Awesome post!

    While I chose to volunteer with all of my kids activities and their school, I totally see where you are coming from. Great job getting your opinion across 🙂

  21. I volunteer at my oldest son’s school in the classroom and PTA. I like using my blogging skills to help others. I manage the school’s social media. It feels good when you give back.

  22. I was going crazy staying at home (I loved it, but at some point I just needed to talk to other adults!!!), so I started to volunteer at my son’ts elementary school. It was the greatest decision I made! I was happier, my husband was happier, and my son was so proud of me!

  23. Wow, all such excellent points! I will definitely keep this in mind when I have kids someday! 😉 I was a teacher, though, so I do somewhat understand the value of kid-free time…no matter how much we love them!

  24. These are fabulous tips! People love to say “Since you’re home all day” and volunteer me for various things. Last week, I invited one of those people to spend the day with me. She now realizes just how jam packed my days are, lol 🙂

  25. I don’t have children and I’m not a stay at home anything, but I could so relate to this post. I’m completely obsessed with my dogs. I’m the person who makes moms feel weird so I try to keep my obsession to myself. This past year, I’ve worked hard on getting out of the house without the dogs and now I have a full social life. I’ve also had to work on trusting my boyfriend with the dogs. I’m no longer a helicopter “dog mom” worried that he’s going to do something wrong.

    I’ve been so nuts in the past that my boyfriend is thankful that we didn’t have kids. It would have probably amped up my nuttiness 100 fold. I think that’s an insult. True, but insulting. 🙂

  26. Great advice! I do agree with that. I do not work due to medical issues I have, but I do volunteer when given the opportunity. I do get fulfillment from doing this.

  27. I love bieng a SAHM and the fact that I have been able to be present for all of my kids milestones. I love that I can volunteer in their classrooms and PTA so that they know I am involved with all facets of their life. I also love that I can find jobs like blogging to help sustain my family when we need a little extra income.

  28. I can totally relate and agree with you! I am a stay at home mom and have been since my kids were born. Yes it is wonderful but there are benefits to being a working mom as well that people don’t realize!

  29. Thanks so much for sharing this, I agree 100% with your points. I don’t have any children (yet) but I just don’t think I would enjoy staying at home and caring for them all day. This is a good way to stay involved, and at least have some balance if you are afforded the opportunity to not have to work.

  30. Yes, to the entire list. Plus, if you choose organizations that mean something to you, you can show your kids the importance of giving your time to causes/organizations that you care about.

  31. I remember those days so well! My kids are now 16 – 22 years old but it’s amazing how easy it is to remember those years of feeling isolated and mundane. Volunteering was a lifeline for me for all the reasons you mentioned. Important advice for other moms!

  32. I’m a work at home mom, but getting to leave the house alone is a HUGE motivator for me. I love my kids dearly, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to take a break and be able to have adult conversations without being simultaneously pelted with Cheerios, lol!

  33. My husband and I volunteer with the Boy Scouts with our local Troop as well as with the District and Council. It is nice to attend meetings with just adults. Sometimes we both go; some meetings just I attend. I also volunteer with our church. For example, I just taught a class for our women’s group on how to cook using your food storage. It was fun to talk to women. (Hubby plus my four boys equals I’m seriously outnumbered at times.) Thank you for sharing how to volunteer. I liked your reasons to do so. ~Adrienne

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