50 Ways to Multitask While Breastfeeding

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Today, we welcome Renee Show and her book, Diaper Bag of Tricks for Breastfeeding. Thankfully, I just finished breastfeeding myself (after about 20 months). This book would have come in handy just a short couple of months ago. So, to make sure that the rest of you use your time wisely, here are 50 ways to multitask while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding takes up an incredible amount of a new mother’s time. I know this from experience.

I breastfed each of my 4 children for the first year of their lives. Though not an official breastfeeding “expert,” I have spent well over 1,000 hours of my life breastfeeding.

It’s not unusual for new moms to be shocked by the sheer amount of hours that they need to breastfeed new babies, especially when starting out. Even people, like me, who are extremely committed to the idea that “breast is best,” can feel a bit overwhelmed by the time involved in sticking to that commitment.

It’s no fun feeling like you’ve been reduced to a milk machine.

One evening while I was breastfeeding my 2nd baby (who was famous for long nursing sessions), I had an epiphany. I discovered that I had become adept at multitasking while breastfeeding. I realized that I no longer needed to view breastfeeding as dominating all of my time, but rather as a vehicle that let me accomplish many other things simultaneously. 

Since that evening, I began listing all of the things I would catch myself doing during nursing sessions. As I had 2 more babies, my list grew. Eventually, I had discovered 50 ways to multitask while breastfeeding, and I wrote a book called Diaper Bag of Tricks for Breastfeeding.

Diaper Bag of Tricks for Breastfeeding

As its book description states, this is not another manual on “how to breastfeed.” Rather, it’s a guide for “how to make the most out of breastfeeding.” It includes:

  • a strategy for positive thinking about nursing
  • an overview of nursing gear
  • 50 ways to multitask while nursing
  • a bonus discussion about weaning

My hope is that this book will help other new mamas persevere in their breastfeeding efforts, showing them that their nursing sessions are incredible blessings rather than time-draining hassles.

Diaper Bag of Tricks for Breastfeeding is available in both Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon. Either version makes a great gift for a new mom. Breastfeeding is essentially a one-woman job; anything you can do to show your support for breastfeeding moms will be greatly appreciated!

Group Materials

I want Diaper Bag of Tricks for Breastfeeding to bring new moms together. That’s why I developed a FREE discussion guide, including excerpts from the book, to be used by new moms looking for an easy, stress-free way to start their own Mommy Group. Anyone can download a complimentary copy of the discussion guide at: http://www.MommyForAMoment.com

FREE discussion guide available at:

250 x 250 with Words

Stay tricky, Mamas!

Renee Show

24 thoughts on “50 Ways to Multitask While Breastfeeding”

  1. Since I’m too old to have children but I have a grandchild coming soon, I will pass this along to the soon to be mom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I breastfed my kids for a few months when they were babies. I remember doing small tasks while breastfeeding. This sounds like a great book. I will pass this on to my friends.

  3. We’re hitting 23 months of breastfeeding come the 9th and after 6 kids now I’ve had no choice but to master multitasking and breastfeeding!! Lol

  4. I’m a breastfeeding mom and relate the multitasking while nursing i can work lightly. and a great bonding with your baby and no hassle at all no feeding bottles that needs to wash and sterilize

  5. This is a great post. I breastfed both of my children and had to multitask a lot. I found baby wearing a great help to get things done.

  6. What a cool book. I’ll be passing this along to my sisters.
    I remember with Scarlet, I would read. I’d read entire books while breastfeeding. And do some tasks.
    With Des, it was iPhone all the way. So I’d do “work” or surfing Facebook. Kinda hilarious.

  7. Sounds like there’s a ton of great info in the book! I remember those days. I used to get so much done while nursing. It was actually easier since I didn’t have to worry about what my kids were up to. They were good and occupied!

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